September 26, 2023

Yugioh Mega Tin 2023 Card List

Yugioh Mega Tin 2023 Card List – The new “Tin of the Pharaoh Gods” is here (September 15, 2022). Like the two predecessors “2020 Tin of Lost Memory” and “2021 Tin of Ancient Battles”, the latest tin also forms a piece of the “Tablet of Lost Memories”. Stacked on top of each other (can 2020 – 2022) you get the whole table as a display piece for your home. But the very important question is: What exactly is in the tin? The attentive reader may now think: “Yes, that’s what he says”. That’s right, namely:

Each tin of Gods of Pharaoh in 2022 contains 3 extra large Mega Packs, each containing 1 Prismatic Secret Rare, 2 Ultra Rares, 2 Super Rares, 1 Rare and 12 Commons from a huge Mega Set.

Yugioh Mega Tin 2023 Card List

Yugioh Mega Tin 2023 Card List

The question that still needs to be clarified is which cards (there are 275 in total in the set) exactly are included. This brings us to the heart of this article.

You, Too, Can Channel Untold Ancient Forces With 2022’s Yu Gi Oh Collectors’ Tin

Here you can see an overview of all 275 cards in the set and the rarities. Shout out to “Dueldaddy” (that’s his real name) on Facebook for the beautiful lineup and rare release. Anyway, the set comes with a lot of nice reprints for every player:

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Yugioh Mega Tin 2023 Card List

Just to name the most important ones at the moment. But the set also includes beautiful new collectors items: alternating art reprints of the dark magical girl, the white dragon with blue eyes or the black dragon with red eyes. y ddraig If you want a detailed overview of all the cards, feel free to stop by our shop. More cards will be listed until they are all available (September 19 – September 24, 2022). We’re giving you all the info on the new 25th Anniversary Twin Heroes Set: Card List, Release Date & Reveal (Spoilers).

Mega Tens will contain 300 cards and will be an expansion of the previous list, as well as what was published.

Yugioh Mega Tin 2023 Card List

Yugioh Card Game List Mega Tin 2017 Seto Kaiba English 1st Edition Mint

To celebrate 25 years of Duling, each tin contains Double Prismatic Secret Rares and a bonus Quarter Century Secret Rare!

And this year, we’re giving you double in every tin! Each 25th Anniversary: ​​Dueling Heroes Tin contains 3 x 18-card mega-packs, each containing two Prismatic Secret Specters, two Ultra Rares, one Ultra Rare, one Rare, and twelve Commons . Total tin: 6 Secret Prismatic Rares 6 Ultra Rares 3 Super Rares 3 Super Rares 36 Commons (and 1 Secret Quarter Century Rare – see below!) The massive mega-pack set contains nearly 300 cards from recent sets, from Battle Of Chaos content, Dimension content. Force, Darkwing Blast, Tactical Masters, The Grand Creator, and more! In addition, each tin will feature a Quarter Century Secret Rare version of one of the sixteen monsters that adorn the sides of the tin – some of the most iconic and iconic monsters used by the series ‘Duueling Heroes! Celebrate our 25th Anniversary with our 25th Anniversary Tin: Duo Heroes containing twice as many Secret Prismatic Specks and a bonus Quarter Century Secret Rare in each tin! Prismatic Secret Rares are one of the things Duelists love most about mega-packs every year, as the tin is the only place to find this unique and beautiful rarity. Official Konami Duo Heroes Rarity

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Yugioh Mega Tin 2023 Card List

In this section we will send you the list of MegaTin 2023 rarities, as soon as they are available.

Collectible Tin 2012: Heroic Champion Collector’s Tin

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