September 26, 2023

Yugioh Banlist January 2023

Yugioh Banlist January 2023 – [1] During your Main Phase: You can Special Summon 1 Level 4 or lower monster from your hand. You cannot perform your combat phase once you activate this effect.

[2] During your Main Phase: You can destroy all cards in the field zones, and if you do, gain 1000 LP, then you can add 1 field with a different name to the destroyed cards from your Deck to your hand. .

Yugioh Banlist January 2023

Yugioh Banlist January 2023

Bystial Branded Despia (Tournament Meta Decks) by RenrenOjamalphabet Soup (Non-Meta Decks) by ToasterPigMagikey (Common Charity Decks) by BIockytorkArchfiend NEW (Non-Meta Decks) by suitubudget Plunder Patrol (Meta Decks) by HATFire (Meta Decks) by KastellingEgyptian God Slifer (Master Duel Decks) by Chiko AsadTraditional SKULL (Non-Meta Decks) by suituLabrynth (Tournament Meta Decks) by RenrenTraptrix 2023 by Jerzzy (Non-Meta Decks) by Jerzzy01Bystial Decksna (Meta Decks) (Meta Decks) Common Charity Decks) by BIockytorkKashtira (Tournament Meta Decks) by RenrenTrying to Defibrillate Blue-Eyes (Theorycrafting Decks) by AzuraykRitual Beasts (Non-Meta Decks) by Dracaryspaleozoic frog (Non-Mesta2stacks) by Myde ParadoliaEvilia Twin Spright (Tournament Meta Decks) by RenrenNinja Competitive (Non-Meta Decks) by mechflipCyberse pile (Non-Meta Decks) by Ninez514Truly Scary (Non-Meta Decks) by r Gwen Bishop Phant asm Spiral Assault (Non-Meta Decks) by PoisonClawDark World Purrely (Non-Meta Decks) by Kronos905Neo Tom (Anime Decks) by Fleety91SPRIGHT FROG Deck in Master Duel Decks (Master Duell Decks) by saisak

Konami And Yu Gi Oh Tcg Celebrates Its 250th Ycs Tournament In April 2023!

Purrely’s Potential by Therarely2 New Cards: Elemental HERO & Code Talker by I_Nomad_IDark Magician Girl TCG accessories are now available! by arelios7 New Cards: Cosmic Quasar & Crimson Dragon from I_Nomad_IThe Pot Collection is now available for pre-order! by areliosNovo Archetype: Nouvelez by I_Nomad_I Cup – Master Circuit Registration! at the Cup – Master Circuit Event! with new card VJUMP: Mage of Faith Retrain by I_Nomad_INNew Archetype: Transcendrake by I_Nomad_IYu-Gi-Oh! WC 2023 has been announced! by arelios End of Format Innovations: TCG DABL Metagame Report by RenrenTCG DABL Metagame Tournament Report: YCS Sydney 2023 by Blue RainRegistration for Yu-Gi-Oh! Open New Zealand is live now! by arelios Applications for the 250th YCS in London are now open! by areliosThe Insanity of YCS Sydney: TCG DABL Metagame Report by Renren8 New Cards: Last of Cyberstorm Access by I_Nomad_INew Map: Albaz by I_Nomad_INew Map: Dinomorphia by I_Nomad_IJudicial Contradiction: Ceterum Censeo Game Speedrick New Card by Trap gallan: De Trap gallan I_Nomad_I5 New Cards : Bystial, Branded & Icejade from I_Nomad_INew Cards: S-Force from I_Nomad_INew Cards: Dual Avatar from I_Nomad_INew VJUMP Cards: Superheavy Samurai from I_Nomad_III it’s the end of the year again! And with every ending comes a new beginning: the birth of a new OCG format. Santa has a list of cool and mischievous cards, and here it is in all its long-lasting glory!

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Yugioh Banlist January 2023

This article will attempt to cover my personal thoughts and outline the relevance of these new sudden changes to the F/L roster as we celebrate another great year.

As a final note, this is the OCG ban list for January 2023. Several TCG exclusives such as Garura, Wings of Resonant Life, and Pitknight Earlie are not yet in the OCG.

Yugioh Banlist January 2023

Tearlament Went 6 0 And Got Top8 At Next Play 3v3 (ocg, Post Banlist)

This image shows the Metagame from November 19th to 27th. It is not an accurate and correct representation of the current Meta OCG.

Tearlament Kashtira has established itself as the best deck in the format. By getting rid of Ishizu’s synergistic suit, the Kashtira portion of this deck offers the same amount of consistency and the ability to trade unfairly without relying too much on any Fusion Summons. Kashtira Fenrir, the deadliest card in the deck, can destroy board conditions or attract multiple negations on her own. This deck can quickly adapt to any type of game conditions it has, and has consistently dominated every other deck under it.

Yugioh Banlist January 2023

Pure Kashtira follows suit as Tearlament Kashtira’s natural predator. As a deck centered around the overwhelming effects of Kashtira Arise-Heart, they try to remove opposing key cards from play until the opponent can no longer resist.

Yu Gi Oh! Master Duel Reveals First Limited Cards Of 2023

The rest of the decks are simply categorized into decks specifically designed to defeat these two, like Runick and Floowandereeze, or something more fun to play, like Springans.

Yugioh Banlist January 2023

The last lane list put Spright out of business, but the balance remains the same – This format is still dominated by two decent tier 0 decks, and the lane list should be effective enough to change things. And it was!

Ancient Fairy Dragon Level 7 LIGHT Dragon Synchro Effect Monster ATK 2100 DEF 3000 Materials: 1 Tamer + 1+ non-Tamer monster You can only use the (1) and (2) effects of this card’s name once per turn. (1) You can Special Summon 1 Level 4 or lower monster from your hand, but you cannot perform your Battle Phase the turn you activate this effect. (2) You can destroy as many cards as possible in the field zones, and if you do, gain 1000 LP, then add 1 field from your deck to your hand with a name other than the card(s) that destroy is ).

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Yugioh Banlist January 2023

Events For February 23

Ancient Fairy Dragon is one of the most popular monsters from the 5Ds era, and it has incredible abilities to back up its ability. Ancient Fairy Dragon has typically been a key factor in many top combos, including but not limited to multiple FTKs under its name, constant use in the metagame (especially ABC and SPYRALs), and generally just the most powerful synchro we’ve seen .game ever have . . What changes now?

If you see the changes in bold to the card’s effects, it has now been moved down to a one-per-turn hard to use. This greatly limits its use among several notable FTK combinations, while retaining its original signature effects. Being forced to learn another field is also a big draw against specific decks that can quickly learn cards with fields, like Trickstar Light Stage.

Yugioh Banlist January 2023

Personally, I think these errata are great, as they greatly reduced the potential of this card, but kept it at an extremely playable level. This Signer Dragon may have potential use in the future, but for now we can only try the tamer variant.

Yu Gi Oh! Master Duel: Forbidden And Limited Banned Card List, Explained

Since the inception of Kashtira, Tearlaments have proven to be able to fuse with basically any other archetype. What happens when Kashtira ends up on the banned list? Will Tearlaments simply adopt a different mechanism?

Yugioh Banlist January 2023

But now we don’t have to worry about that future! Tearlaments Kitkallos, the centerpiece of all Tearlaments strategies, is now completely banned. Unlike the TCG, which lets its Tearlaments fuse into a backup Garura, Wings, or Resonant Life, the OCG absolutely needs its first Fusion Summon to be Kitkallos. Without this initial first step, the Tearlaments game plan now suffers greatly. Along with this, Tearlament’s Reinoheart, the key to summoning the alternative Tearlament’s Kaleido-Heart, is also limited to prevent any possibility of the deck surviving the lane list. Tearlament’s Scheiren is also limited in that it can be of great use to any other fusion-related strategy, even outside of its archetype. With various bans and restrictions on this lane, what I would consider a pipe dream is now a reality: Tearlaments is finally unplayable as an archetype. However, Tearlaments cards can be expected to seep into other fusion based decks like Dark World or Shaddoll.

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I included the other four cards as a consideration for Tearlament’s future. With these particular hits, I feel they are concerned about other decks that can adopt the same strategies as the current Kashtira Tearlaments, so lightly touching the cards that can easily take over the top spot is also a very good move.

Yugioh Banlist January 2023

Yu Gi Oh! Banlist [feb 2023]: Forbidden, Limited And Semi Limited

Kashtira started to move into the curve meta when he got proper support from Photon Hypernova, which was very good. On the one hand, Kashtira allowed the pilot to eliminate potential threats from the opponent’s extra deck, the field, sometimes even the hand and the deck! And every monster in the main deck could defend its own land: Kashtira Fenrir was self-taught and eliminated cards from the field every turn, Kashtira Unicorn removed threats from the Extra Deck, and Photon Hypernova gave these crazy cards a way to exist and stay. together as a menacing council. Believed to be the natural predator of Tearlament due to their dispelling strategies, this deck was easily countered by them including Kashtira cards in their deck. Ironic?

Anyway, with Tearlaments gone, it would be normal to assume that the second best deck, Kashtira, would take the throne – unless Konami did something about it. And so they got a total of three of their best Tutor cards, basically making this deck’s draw very limited. Also, the fact that the monsters were in one copy each meant that the pilot from Kashtira could not overlap recklessly – as the presence of these monsters acted as a major disruption in itself. With these hits, the top two decks are now definitively beaten.

Yugioh Banlist January 2023

Ancient Fairy Dragon is a newly released level 7 sync that partially interacts with the Kashtira theme, allowing it to

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