September 26, 2023

World Billionaires List 2023

World Billionaires List 2023 – Last year, the assets under the control of the world’s top 10 billionaires reached 76 billion dollars.

Even in the face of volatile markets, many of the world’s richest people have seen their fortunes rise during the COVID-19 pandemic.

World Billionaires List 2023

World Billionaires List 2023

Today’s infographic pulls data from the Forbes Billionaires List and presents a detailed cross-section of the world’s billionaires, showing their stratospheric wealth in today’s economic climate.

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The table below shows the wealth of the world’s 10 richest people, comparing data as of March 5, 2019 with the latest data as of April 22, 2020.

World Billionaires List 2023

As of March 2019, Steve Ballmer, former CEO of Microsoft Corporation, topped the top 10 with a net worth of $21 billion.

Warren Buffett is the world’s richest investor, his net worth fell by more than $9 billion last year. At the end of 2019, Buffett owned 11% of Delta Airlines. In April, Buffett bought 13 million shares of the airline.

World Billionaires List 2023

The Forbes 400 2022

Mark Zuckerberg’s assets are still safe. Interestingly, the Facebook founder is one of the youngest billionaires in the world (22nd out of 2,095), despite first joining the billionaire club ten years ago.

Zoom CEO Eric Yuan said the demand for online video communication has increased. Zoom had a $9.2 billion IPO in April 2019. As of April 24, 2020, Zoom was valued at $44.3 billion.

World Billionaires List 2023

Similarly, Jitse Groen in the Netherlands saw his takeaway company go public. currently operates in 11 European countries and in April received regulatory approval to complete its $7.6 billion merger with JustEat.

Elon Musk Net Worth 2023

Forrest Lee, head of online gaming and e-commerce company C, joined the ranks. Tencent and private equity firm General Atlantic are among its biggest stakeholders.

World Billionaires List 2023

As the global economy struggles with a loss of confidence and job losses, some of the world’s richest people are stepping up to the plate.

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey is donating nearly 25% of his net worth to the Covid-19 fund as part of a $1 billion fund.

World Billionaires List 2023

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His gift to a donor fund called “Start Small LLC” is more than four times that of other billionaires. In addition, after the pandemic, Dorsey said that the money will be used for universal income (UBI), including health and education of girls.

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In total, 77 of the world’s billionaires have made public contributions in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, just a fraction of the world’s richest.

World Billionaires List 2023

As Covid-19 continues to spread around the world and billions of people around the world continue to accumulate wealth at a rapid pace, a different picture is emerging as politics tightens. Not in the world?

Chart: Where The Super Rich Reside

Ranking: World’s Biggest Cities by Number of Millionaires Ranking: World’s Biggest Billionaires in the Last 10 Years All Currencies and Global Markets at a Glance (2022) United States. China owns half of the world’s wealth: the largest. Donors for the 2022 US election are 20 countries and the richest people

World Billionaires List 2023

Economy The European Union’s $16 trillion economy This chart shows contributors to the EU economy as a percentage of GDP at the country level.

The European Union is the world’s third largest economy and accounts for a sixth of world trade. There are 27 member states that provide goods, services, capital and people in the common internal market.

World Billionaires List 2023

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After the outbreak of World War II, Western Europe saw a concerted move towards regional peace and security through the promotion of democracy and the protection of human rights.

Most importantly, the Schuman Declaration was issued in 1950. The coal and iron industries of Western Europe were placed under common management to prevent them from interfering with each other and making weapons of war. Six countries – the founders of the EU – signed it.

World Billionaires List 2023

With the addition of new members in the next four years, economic and security cooperation will increase. These close ties have eliminated wars, and Western Europe—after centuries of constant conflict—has seen a peace unlike any other in the past 80 years.

Forbes Billionaires 2022: The Richest People In The World

The new version of the EU will take the name “European Union” from 1993, promising the emergence of a single market and the use of a single euro currency.

World Billionaires List 2023

Since then, the EU has become an economic and political power. Its gross domestic product (GDP) will reach $16.6 trillion by 2022, second only to the United States. ($26 trillion) and China ($19 trillion).

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️ ️ GDP is a general indicator of economic activity in a country. It measures the total value of economic output – goods and services – produced by the private and public sectors over a period of time.

World Billionaires List 2023

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For the impressive numbers shown, however, according to International Monetary Fund statistics, the economic power of the European Union belongs to three economic groups. The GDPs of Germany ($4 trillion), France ($2.7 trillion) and Italy ($1.9 trillion) account for more than half of the EU’s total economic output.

These three countries are also the most populous in the EU, along with Spain and Poland, accounting for 66% of the total EU population.

World Billionaires List 2023

Here is a table of all 27 member states and their contribution to the EU’s gross domestic product.

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Top weight continues. The top five account for nearly 70% of EU GDP, including Spain ($1.3 trillion) and the Netherlands ($990 billion). Including the first 10 countries, this indicator rises to 85%.

World Billionaires List 2023

That means less than half of the 27 member states have $14 trillion of the EU’s $16 trillion economy.

Apart from the most important members with large economies, another pattern emerges when a country is in the EU.

World Billionaires List 2023

Forbes World’s Billionaires List

Germany, France, Italy, the Netherlands, Belgium – five of the six EU producers are the 10 largest EU economies. Ireland and Denmark (1973), the other candidates for union, ranked 9th and 11th. The bottom 10 countries all joined the EU after 2004.

Britain, which joined the bloc in 1973 and will officially leave in 2020, has the region’s second-largest economy at $3.4 trillion.

World Billionaires List 2023

The EU has four main economic sectors: services, industry, manufacturing and agriculture (including fishing and forestry.) Below is an analysis of these sectors and the countries involved. All figures are from Eurostat.

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The EU economy is highly dependent on the service sector, which will account for more than 70% of the value added to the economy by 2020. It is also the largest employment sector in the EU at 73%.

World Billionaires List 2023

Luxembourg has a large financial services sector, with 87% of the country’s income coming from the services sector.

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Industry currently accounts for 20% of the EU’s gross domestic product, with Ireland’s economy accounting for the largest share of its GDP (40%). The Czech Republic, Slovenia and Poland make up the bulk of industrial production.

World Billionaires List 2023

Chart: The 100 Billion Dollar Club

EU coal and lignite production recovered briefly in 2021, although levels are still declining.

Less than 2% of the EU economy depends on agriculture, forestry and fisheries. Romania, Latvia and Greece contribute to this region, but less than 5%. Bulgaria has the highest number of jobs in this sector compared to other EU members (16%).

World Billionaires List 2023

About 60% of its energy needs are EU imports. By the end of 2021, Russia will be the largest consumer of oil and natural gas in the region. After the war in Ukraine, this share fell from about 25% to 15% for petroleum liquids and from about 40% to 15% for natural gas, according to Eurostat.

Adani’s Net Worth Dips, Falls Off World’s Top 10 Billionaire List

The IMF has a gloomy forecast for Europe until 2023. The war in Ukraine, rising energy costs, high inflation and rising wages mean EU leaders face “important negotiations and difficult political decisions”.

World Billionaires List 2023

According to the international group, reforms – removing supply constraints in labor and energy markets – are needed to boost growth and remove inflationary pressures. The IMF forecasts EU growth of 0.7 percent in 2023.

Economy 3 weeks ago $16 trillion European Union Economic Markets 2 weeks ago Estimates: Country Energy Production Forecast to 2023 US Overview 3 weeks ago. Data Energy Disruption Death Trends Planned 1 week ago: Europe’s largest energy resources revealed by Geotech 3 weeks ago: 11 technologies to watch in 2023 VC+ 1 week ago What’s new for VC+ in February? That’s 1.3% of the world economy, Amazon’s total market capitalization, spending $1 million a day for 3,000 years. In fact, it’s almost double what it was two years ago ($663 billion).

World Billionaires List 2023

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As billionaire fortunes continue to accumulate at an astonishing rate, we present a snapshot of the world’s richest people in 2022, based on data from the Forbes Billionaires List.

Despite supply chain issues, Tesla’s deliveries are up 27% from the second quarter of 2021. Musk is also the CEO and Chief Engineer of SpaceX.

World Billionaires List 2023

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