September 26, 2023

Wic 2023 Food List

Wic 2023 Food List – Before you head to the grocery store with a WIC card, find out where you can shop and what you can buy with this WIC shopping guide.

You will receive your WIC card by mail or in person at a WIC office If you register by phone or video, we will send your card If you register at a WIC office, you will receive your card on the day of your appointment The WIC program provides monthly food stamps for healthy food purchases at most grocery stores Not everything in the grocery store can be purchased with WIC If your WIC card is lost or damaged, please contact us to have it replaced

Wic 2023 Food List

Wic 2023 Food List

WIC stores and other grocery stores that sell WIC products have the WIC logo in their window displays Look for the logo to find out where to buy To find your nearest WIC authorized grocery store in California, go to and click WIC Coins. You can also enter your zip code

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The WC food list includes fruits and vegetables, milk, eggs, beans, peanut butter, juice, cheese, yogurt, canned fish, baby food, WC baby cereal, WC baby formula, and grain products such as rice, bread, cereal, and tortillas. , and pasta WIC food allowances range from $50 to $150 per month

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Wic 2023 Food List

Eligible WIC products will vary depending on the eligible child’s age, medical needs and preferences Soy milk, lactose-free milk, and other alternatives are also available for WIC products

You need a physical WIC card for each transaction The CA WIC app is great for tracking your benefit balance and checking for WIC-eligible products, but it doesn’t currently support mobile payments or online shopping.

Wic 2023 Food List

New Jersey Wic

Look for the WIC logo on store shelves to help you find WIC products, or scan with product barcodes.

Buy additional fruits and vegetables each month until the benefit period ends Finding out how many fruits and vegetables you can buy with your WIC benefits can be difficult because these items are often priced by weight. Buying extra fruit and vegetables before your benefits end each month ensures that none of your fruit and vegetable benefits are wasted. If this amount is more than your fruit and vegetable allowance, use another payment, such as CalFresh, to pay the difference.

Wic 2023 Food List

WIC fruit and vegetable benefits have the highest dollar value You can pay extra if your purchases exceed your profit If you share your 4-digit PIN, a trusted family member or friend can make a purchase using your WIC card.

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Many families who qualify for WIC are also eligible for CalFresh (also known as the Supplemental Food Assistance Program or SNAP). Take full advantage of both programs by paying at the grocery store with your WIC card first Then pay for the rest of your groceries with your CalFresh card Using your card in this way will ensure that you are not using your CalFresh benefits to purchase WIC products

Wic 2023 Food List

Benefits of whole grains, cheese, yogurt, cereal, tofu, and juice are listed by the ounce on your WIC food benefits list. Use this guide to buy the right amount of food per ounce to get the most benefits

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