September 26, 2023

Uic Match List 2023

Uic Match List 2023 – Well, they let their anger and frustration over this loss pay for it – or play on it – at the expense of the University of Chicago’s Illinios on Saturday.

The Braves beat the Flames, scoring 41 points en route to a 79-45 win in Missouri Valley Conference play ahead of 4,890 at Carver Arena.

Uic Match List 2023

Uic Match List 2023

“I like the way we went out, we had a bit of a soft spot in our shoulders in the (Belmont) game, our guys are disappointed we let him go,” said Bradley coach Brian Wardle. “We played better and lost one on the road.

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“So they came out very close to the game plan. We guarded and were very disciplined. We played each other in attack, shared the ball. It was fun and the crowd was great.”

Uic Match List 2023

This crowd sent them into the New Year with a last-minute run of the game. At that point, Bradley’s 15 hitting streak ended.

“Rienk Mast was very aggressive and you could see we were much better on track, which was impressive after Belmont,” said Wardle. “Ja’Shon Henry is gone, Malevy Leons is gone, Rienk is gone.

Uic Match List 2023

Simona Narubin Durbin

How about one side? The mast is double mast – half mast. His 11 points and 10 rebounds nearly equaled UIC’s first-half total output as the Braves went into the locker room 39-13.

“After losing Belmont, we knew we had to keep going and make sure we didn’t lose twice,” said Mast. “Our defense in the first half and we were held to 13 points? It was an easier game. Then when you come back you can go for a run… 39-13 at half-time (shakes head).

Uic Match List 2023

“We spoke as a team and thought we didn’t do well (in the Belmont loss),” said Henry. “We watched the film and learned from it.

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“(Hypothetical) What are we going to do if we face each other? It’s all about defense and rebounding. We have to be able to check. We’re just going to play and play together.”

Uic Match List 2023

The Braves achieved their 15th straight win, tied for the 10th longest in program history.

The longest Carver Arena home win streak in Bradley’s history is 27 (6 February 1993 to 19 January 1995). Bradley has won nine home matches against MVC opponents. The Braves’ last home loss was against Missouri State by decision of 71-69 on January 5, 2022.

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Uic Match List 2023

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“Starting training we’ve had a good week,” said Henry. “Our entire team is locked in and ready to go. We have confidence in this building, our fans are ready, we are responding.”

Bradley led 14-6 midway through the first half. So far, no team has made it through 3.

Uic Match List 2023

UIC shot 23.1% from the field and 0 of 6 of 3. Bradley shot 53.8% from the field and 0 of 3 from 3 points.

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The Braves ran with a pair of layups from the Pole to take an 18-7 lead with 8:44 left. BU point guard Duke Deen made a 3 from a left corner, opening up a 21-7 lead at 7:19. The floodgates opened, Zek Montgomery, Mast, and Connor Hickman scored 3 seconds on back-to-back possessions 84 seconds apart late in the first half.

Uic Match List 2023

That sparked a 22-6 Bradley run at 7:29 to build a 36-13 lead with 1:54 left in the first half.

In the first half, UIC had 4 of 28 shots from the field and 0 of 12 from 3 points out. It didn’t get any better, as the Flames finished 1-of-18 from 3 points for the game.

Uic Match List 2023

Apamsa Region 6 Conference

Highlights from the Bradley Braves’ 79-45 win over U of Illinois Chicago at Carver Arena on Saturday, December 31, 2022.

Montgomery hit a pair of 3-pointers from Deen and the Braves stretched their lead to 47-19 in the second half.

Uic Match List 2023

The Braves came in and Deen hit two 3s to take a 77-36 lead with 4:18 left.

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As the game ended at 1:49, Connor Linke, Goanar Biliew, Christian Davis and relievers Cade Hardtke and Sam Hennessy were on the court for the Braves.

Uic Match List 2023

• Bradley coach Brian Wardle, team position when calendar changes to 2023, and adds 7-foot-1 midfielder Ahmet Jonovic: “I like our position, 10-5, 3-1, We want one or two. But go to 2023 with a healthy team and adding Ahmet, there is a lot of room to grow even more.”

• Wardle, on his team holding UIC to 1 of 18 from 3 out: “I told our guys at half-time that the only way to come back was to get into the game and chase those big shots, shoot 3 seconds. We wanted to take over the 3 point line in the second half and I think we did that.

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Uic Match List 2023

Uic Black Law Student Association

• BU center Rienk Mast: “We’re really connected defensively. It shows every game. Our defense is solid.”

Bradley is 10-5 overall, 3-1 in the Missouri Valley Conference. … UIC fell to 9-6 (1-3). … Center Bradley Rienk Mast’s double-double was 15th of his career and tied for 17th in the program’s all-time streak. … The Braves will wear their retro jersey for the second time. … Bradley is 7-2 all-time against UIC and 6-0 in the home series. … Duke guard Bradley Deen had a team-high 14 points, going 4 of 5 from 3 point range. … BU guard Ville Tahvanainen had 11 points and four rebounds. … BU forward Malevy Leons added another four blocked shots to his Valley’s best total. … UIC guard Jace Carter had 17 points and seven rebounds. … Toby Okani’s fire had eight rebounds. … The Braves play Murray State on Wednesday, then return home to host Valparaiso on Saturday.

Uic Match List 2023

The Journal Star sports columnist Dave Eminian covers the Bradley, Rivermen and Chiefs men’s basketball. He writes a sports column for Cleve In The Eve. He can be reached at 686-3206 or deminian@. Follow him on Twitter @icetimecleve.

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2:52pm: Cade Hartke and Sam Hennessy enter the game with less than two minutes to play.

Uic Match List 2023

2:48 p.m.: Duke Deen hits two 3s on the road and sprints back to the floor to cheers from the fans as Bradley’s lead increases to 77-36 with 4:18 left.

2:39 p.m.: Bradley’s energy levels dipped slightly as UIC went 13-8 to close at 55-32 with 9:31 remaining.

Uic Match List 2023

University Of Illinois At Chicago College Alumni Metal License

But guard Bradley Ville Tahvanainen raced to the side for a layup, then 33 seconds later 3 from a left corner to push a 62-34 lead with 7:28 left.

14:24: The Braves lead 51-24 at the end of the period with 12:20 remaining. Rienk Mast had 13 points and 13 rebounds, and Zek Montgomery joined him with 10 points.

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Uic Match List 2023

2:14 p.m.: Bradley winger Zek Montgomery hits a pair of 3-pointers from Duke Deen and the Braves stretch their lead to 47-19 at halftime.

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13:52: UIC enters halftime with a 13-point lead. Thirteen. The Flames are 4 of 28 from the field (14.3%) and 0 of 12 from 3 point range.

Uic Match List 2023

Bradley has scored more goals (17) than UIC in the first half. BU is 17 of 30 from the field (56.7%) and 4 of 12 of 3.

1:49pm: The 3 now goes to Bradley, four in the final minutes of the half.

Uic Match List 2023

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Zek Montgomery, Rienk Mast, Connor Hickman all hit from distance on back-to-back possessions 84 seconds apart late in the first half.

Bradley ran 22-6 in 7:29 to lead 36-13 with 1:54 left at halftime.

Uic Match List 2023

The Braves answered with a pair of layups from Rienk Mast to take a 18-7 lead with 8:44 left.

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BU point guard Duke Deen then scored a 2 from a left corner to take a 21-7 lead at 7:19.

Uic Match List 2023

BU forward Darius Hana blocked a shot from 6-10 Cameron Fens, then jumped at the other end for a 12-6 lead with 12:44 left.

A UIC turnaround followed, and Hannah went to the free throw line when she was fouled on a dunk. He missed two free throws.

Uic Match List 2023

Credit Union 1 Arena

But BU guard Pop Weathers stole the ball a second later, ran two-thirds of the way down for a layup, and was stopped, but Ville Tahvanainen continued play and scored to make it 14-6. screen with 11:50 left.

12:47pm: Bradley sticks with his starting lineup, which includes guards Connor Hickman and Duke Deen, continuing Malevy Leons, Rienk Mast and Zek Montgomery. Medical students at the University of Illinois School of Medicine and across the country are finding where to spend their money. the next three to seven years of medical training on Competition Day, Friday 17 March.

Uic Match List 2023

All 56 students from the class of 2023 at the University of Illinois School of Medicine were matched

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