September 26, 2023

Sw Tier List 2023

Sw Tier List 2023 – In this article we will evaluate all units of the Imperial Team in the game Star Wars: Legion.

A recent update of the results shook the meta. Despite some annoyances, the Empire as a team is still one of the strongest (if not the strongest) in the game. I’ll discuss how the update affects the teams and chapters that I think have the most promise. I know most of you are familiar with hierarchical lists, but I’ll give you a quick summary to make sure we’re all on the same page. From the best unit (S level) to the worst unit (F level). Cells at the same level do not always have the same power level, but they are roughly equal. I will briefly describe each chapter in this article. If you want more information on a specific chapter, I’ll link the entire chapter tutorial in each section. As always, this is just my opinion, so if you rank the chapters differently, please let me know in the comments! You can create tier lists using this link: tier list.

Sw Tier List 2023

Sw Tier List 2023

S level units are the best units in the group. They have a special effect and are suitable for any army. We believe that the S-tier units will be the most competitive next year.

Swrt Rta Tier List /post Patch

Agent Callus is a unit that always feels a bit overpriced for what it does. He is not particularly strong in one thing, but he is very versatile and brings some utility. The new update shaved off 15 points. Before the update he had about a 50% win rate and I believe the big score reduction made him more competitive. The key difference between Kalus and Eden is his boost command and chance 2. These two support abilities combine well with dual-reward troops. I think Kallus will be the new commander of the Double Bounty and Villainous Hammer forces. Overall, I think he’s one of the best commanders in the Empire, and at a low cost.

Sw Tier List 2023

Despite his 10 points, Boba is still the best bounty hunter in the game. Boba has a strong combat ability, a flexible scoring game, and has a powerful command card. With Force Breath weakened, Imperial Force users are less effective, and Boba is the best point of the team. Boba can be found in almost any list because he doesn’t need a lot of support to survive. I believe that even with the nerf, Boba is still one of the best options for Empire.

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Blizzard Might and Dark Knights were both weakened, while Aiden was the same, leaving a void for her to fill. Aiden has always been a strong unit and suits the new environment well. Force users are expected to be popular, which helps Aiden. She is one of the best commanders around, but is especially vulnerable to rogue users. Tactical Strike is one of the best command cards in the game, giving troops a nasty alpha attack. As a commander, Aiden controls the game differently and I believe the meta will change in his favor.

Sw Tier List 2023

Summoners War: Chronicles Tier List And Reroll Guide

A-tier units are still very competitive, but in a more modern way than S-tier units. That being said, most competitive Imperial forces will have more A-level units.

Don’t listen to the haters, Bosk is still the king of the 4. He’s one of my favorite units because he’s really good in different areas. Since the Bosque is a glass cannon, it must be fired carefully. If you leave it open, it will be susceptible to intense fire. However, if you take the time to learn Bossk, I believe it’s worth the investment!

Sw Tier List 2023

The Heavy Response Unit (HRU) used to be the most damaging unit in the game. It is now 10 percent more expensive (a 25 percent cost increase), making it balanced but still competitive. HRU is now a must for every Blizzard unit, so I’d put it in A-tier.

Star Wars Clone Trooper Tier List. By Wolfblade111 On Deviantart

IG-88 is an amazing cell; he is just a monster with pure integrity. The IG-88 has a 3-kill range and does not rely on command cards to function. This makes it play well with commanders and other agents. IG-88 also has the added benefit of being a droid soldier that he can repair.

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Sw Tier List 2023

The Imperial Dark Troops (IDT) have been and will continue to serve as a protective unit. Increasing points doesn’t change that. If you don’t get any response from the weapon, you will fight against dark soldiers. Increasing the score makes them more vulnerable to counterattacks. You can no longer make lists like double dark soldiers + double reward. You should invest heavily in Dark Forces as your biggest threat, as they are very expensive. While this award is still very competitive, you now have to be more careful how you use your points in this army.

Imperial officers before the changes had the highest success rate in the game. This update increased its price by 5, making it cheaper, but still functional. Before that she was undoubtedly the best ruler of the Empire. In her new order, she is no longer under direct control and must compete with other commanders such as Kallus and Viers.

Sw Tier List 2023

Season 20 G3 Rta Tierlist

Hellsquad should be with Aiden. I put them in A tier instead of S tier because they only work if they support Iden. When played without a tactical striker and the hell team, it falls flat. In addition to raw combat stats, the unit also has abilities to use. Delmico provides maintenance 2 Gideon Haskell will coordinate the body. These two abilities, along with the unit’s firepower, make Inferno Squad a must when playing with Aiden.

Scout Commandos are still a great unit. Sniper is time neutral, cheap and ignores stealth. Since its release, Commando Sniper has become the backbone of most combat lines. If you need a unit to help you fill out the scope of the engagement, the Sniper is still one of the best options.

Sw Tier List 2023

Class B cells play specific roles, but are still competitive. They are not as numerous as the A class troops, but often form the backbone of the troops. Basically, it’s rare that you’ll see a competitive list that contains Tier B units. The only exception is combat troops. For example, Blizzard’s armies are competitive despite having mostly B-tier or lower units. New troop tables and additional command cards help make these weak units more competitive.

Summoners War: Sky Arena Tier List

They are fast, cheap and powerful boats. There isn’t much to say about Speed​​​​Bike. If you’re going for an extra scoring game, bring the Speeders. Along with Aiden and/or Bounty Hunters, it’s a solid choice. Boosters work best when playing multiplayer. A force that plays at high speed often results in the highest possible number.

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Sw Tier List 2023

The AT-ST is mostly in Tier B because it can run Blizzard Force, which is still very competitive. The AT-ST is a long and tough platform that is difficult to kill and kill. Put the AT-ST 4-speed bike into the Blizzard Force and you’ve got a winning weapon.

Cad Bane is in B tier instead of A simply because he needs more objectivity to build the list than Boba, Bosk or IG-88. White Bane is great in a real army, but he just doesn’t make the list. Cad Bane had a problem compared to Boba in Empire. Boba does many of the same things as Cad, but he’s flexible and doesn’t need to be built.

Sw Tier List 2023

Starter Pokemon Tier List!

Commander Vader used to be ranked in my book, but he’s been reduced to a force annoyance. He’s still very good as a Blizzard team, but he can’t do as much on his own as he used to. Losing a boost makes Commander Vader unstable.

Agent Vader was an S rank before the update. Agent Vader has been removed from Blizzard’s Force and suffered a Force of Suppression nerf. Although Agent Vader is a better unit than Commander, he can’t run in Blizzard units and is very hard to find a place during army build.

Sw Tier List 2023

The DF-90 Artillery is the cheapest unit in the Empire, and the biggest loss is the Harvest: Coastal Force. Low cost, has good defense and red defense, and most importantly can boost 4. This is a great time for Empire to have a neutral dynamic.

Summoners War: Chronicles

Pikes are still a unit if you have room in your army. Now they are very expensive, which is why only a few of them are ready to play. However, they are strong and hard to kill.

Sw Tier List 2023

Capo’s main goal is to support Pykes. Capo is now the cheapest ruler

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