September 26, 2023

Startup List 2023

Startup List 2023 – [Ed. Note: The Lendbuzz section was revised on 1/23/16 from “Total Funding: $894M” to “Total Funding: Unknown” on 2016-01-23 as most funds are Debt]

[Ed. Note: 1/13/23 MeetKai section corrected between “Total Funding: Over $500M” and “Total Funding: Over $20M”.

Startup List 2023

Startup List 2023

The macroeconomic environment of 2023 predicts a recession, inflation and higher interest rates that will affect the world of start-up and venture capital investments – and all other sectors as well. Back in 2022, venture capitalist Bill Gurley talked about the need for startups to be realistic about the current economic environment.

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“While many VCs have a lot of money to invest, deals have slowed down significantly this year [2022],” said Gurley McKinsey. “Average valuations for some fundraising rounds have fallen as investors adjust to the economic slowdown and look cautiously ahead.”

Startup List 2023

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But that doesn’t mean that the most innovative start-ups won’t be hugely successful if they deliver products and services that are in demand despite looming economic challenges.

Startup List 2023

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“This could be a great time to start a start-up,” Gurley points out. “Being a realist doesn’t mean being a pessimist.”

A promising trend is considered to be online platforms that completely or partially break up brokers or companies operating in various industries. By placing more control of transactions or operations in the hands of individuals and small businesses, some particularly dynamic startups are effectively disrupting marketing, real estate, and other industries.

Startup List 2023

The main theme of the most promising startups of recent times has been the “democratization” of retail investor access to powerful data analytics tools – tools previously held by elite hedge funds and other big Wall Street firms. The market for so-called “alternative data” is beginning to level the playing field in this area to a greater extent, opening up new sources of credit for unbanked or unbanked people around the world.

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The fintech world continues to offer disruptive new business models that innovate capital markets and make certain asset classes available to a wider range of investors. This is especially true in the insurance and reinsurance markets that used to be the exclusive domain of big companies like Lloyds, Swiss Re and Berkshire Hathaway.

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Startup List 2023

Data management continues to be a decisive factor in the development of the market. The demand for greater data storage and retrieval capabilities, fueled by the growing amount of data to power new machine learning (ML) and other artificial intelligence technologies, is behind some of the most disruptive new services emerging on the web. Some fast-growing startups offer breakthrough technologies, especially in the field of flash storage systems.

Ultimately, the emerging metaverse is gaining ground as the next step forward for the internet. Virtual reality and augmented reality environments filled with AI-powered avatars or guides are increasingly capable of enabling more natural human-AI conversations than their chatbot predecessors. The quest to create an intuitive metauniverse is chasing today’s hottest startups

Startup List 2023

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Looking ahead to the next 12 months, the list below represents startups poised for exciting growth based on their traction, funding a year ago, and the robustness of their business models. Some are already profitable, while others are poised for great success with innovative offerings, significant venture funding and excellent management teams.

While this list is certainly not exhaustive, it does provide insight into the promising opportunities for the startup ecosystem in 2023, regardless of the current economic downturn. Here are 10 recently funded companies to watch this year.

Startup List 2023

Weilei Dai, who co-founded Marvel Technologies in 1995 — and turned the company into a multi-billion dollar company — now plans to improve lives by bringing advanced AI applications to the masses with his latest brainchild, MeetKai. Recognized as a brilliant software engineer and innovator, Dai co-founded MeetKai with CEO James Kaplan as a startup focused on real-world mapping and cutting-edge AI solutions to enhance real-world experiences.

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“We create powerful, intuitive products that empower people from all walks of life to improve their lives, increase productivity and make the Metaverse easier to access.”

Startup List 2023

The company claims that one of its newest products, MeetKai Metaverse Editor, allows anyone with a smartphone to create their own Metaverse content from scratch.

MeetKai is doing something more exciting than reality. It allows users to create instant 3D copies of any physical space in seconds and record video on any smartphone. In addition to allowing non-technical users to create their own virtual spaces, MeetKai plans to make the entire Metaverse experience available across popular web browsers and devices for maximum accessibility.

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Startup List 2023

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For speech recognition and related conversational AI applications, MeetKai’s voice search technology already serves 50 million users across a wide range of enterprise use cases. The company also said its new cloud-based AI offering “takes advantage of real-time thinking capabilities at a fraction of the cost and 10x faster speed to leverage any type of media to create instant, insightful conversations with users.”

Vesttoo connects the insurance industry and capital markets with AI-powered technology and expertise in data analytics, insurance and finance. Using advanced machine learning (ML), Vesttoo creates insurance related assets from low volatility insurance liabilities, providing an additional source of capital for insurers and access to low volatility assets for investors.

Startup List 2023

Vesttoo’s ML-based technologies analyze and build risk models based on large amounts of complex data related to insurance obligations. The company’s platform models non-catastrophic insurance liabilities and packages them in various financial structures familiar to capital market investors, offering them a wide range of investment products. Its partner network includes renowned global insurers, financial institutions and major international brokers.

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Despite the current slowdown for most insurance technology companies, Vestu has raised $80 million in its third round of venture capital and is valued at $1 billion in October 2022. The transaction was led by Mouro Capital and a private equity fund based in the United Arab Emirates. Featuring Gramercy Ventures, Black River Ventures and Hanaco Ventures. The company is already said to be profitable and plans to use the new funding to expand its global reach and expand its offerings in a market that connects insurers and investors.

Startup List 2023

The company has recently expanded rapidly around the world, employing professionals in New York, London, Hong Kong, Seoul, Dubai and Tokyo.

Kolendi provides embedded fintech services that make banking and lending services more accessible to consumers, merchants, and financial and non-financial organizations than traditional credit institutions. The company’s technology enables groundbreaking risk assessment methods using artificial intelligence algorithms and alternative types of data, such as information that can be extracted from a person’s mobile device.

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Startup List 2023

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Kolendi offers access to consumer loans in the “Buy Now Later” (BNPL) model, delivered through a network of strategic partners. The company operates microcredit and other financial services that are fully integrated with e-commerce, mobile and in-store channels, allowing its current end-user base of approximately 15 million people to access low-cost capital during transactions.

In late 2022, Kolendi signed an agreement with Turkey’s Fibabanka, opening a $150 million strategic credit line to millions of Kolendi end users. A few months ago, Kolendi acquired SETL, a blockchain infrastructure company led by former Bank of England managing director Sir David Walker.

Startup List 2023

Kolendir has partnered with Securities subsidiary DriveWealth, which offers API-based digital trading technology to access US financial markets. Pursuant to the agreement, individual investors may trade shares without lower limits. The company also plans to launch an enterprise blockchain solution that will support new embedded financial offerings across several digital market verticals, including securities trading, telecommunications, energy, and pay-as-you-go insurance products.

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Kolendi aims to become the world’s leading player embedded in financial systems, innovating across product groups through a series of key strategic partnerships, constantly developing a range of unique technologies. The company was also profitable during its impressive high growth performance.

Startup List 2023

Highlevel, a SaaS digital marketing platform provider, is a leader in the competitive software world. In 2022 alone, its product grew by 88% and its annual fixed revenue (ARR) increased by 88%. In line with this significant wave of growth, the number of new employees at the company also increased by 116%. Highlevel raised $60 million from Peak Equity a year ago, making it one of the best-funded startups in recent years.

Founded in 2018, the company enables agencies and marketers to acquire, nurture and close sales leads through a fully integrated solution, also offered as a white-label product, that enables agencies to create unique branded applications. The company says its product is constantly being refined so that customers can experience it faster, with less effort and significantly less churn.

Startup List 2023

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Highlevel speeds up the creation of websites, sales channels, and landing pages, as well as surveys, appointments, and more. The platform enables marketers to connect and communicate on all types of devices

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