September 26, 2023

Smite Tier List 2023

Smite Tier List 2023 – Looking for the best mage class gods in Smite? Check out our Smite Mage list where we’ve got them all covered!

Smite is an online multiplayer game from the creators of Titan Forge Games. Smite is a free action game with gods and goddesses as characters. There are many gods for each battle. Battles in PvP, Co-op, Tournaments and Training modes will keep you ahead in this game. Smite characters are based on different classes and pantheons. Hunter, Mage, Assassin, Warrior and Guardian are Smite’s classes. PvP battles in Smite are some of the best in the game.

Smite Tier List 2023

Smite Tier List 2023

Combat in this three-player MOBA offers different skills and abilities for each god. If you want to know the best Smite gods of the Mage class, here we are sharing the best Smite gods from our Smite list. Check out our Smite list for the best characters in the game. You can use gods from our level list for each new battle in Smite.

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The gods have faced many dangers throughout the war, but nothing can prepare them for the dangers of the multiverse! Battle Nicole Bolas as several Magic: The Gathering’s most famous players when @wizards_magic gather in SMITE! — SMITE (@SMITEGame) January 13, 2023

Smite Tier List 2023

Chi S Tier Mage should be your go-to character for any type of play in Smite. These smite spells kill all types of enemies. They have better speed, DMG, HP and ATK in Smite than other characters. Use S Tier Gods to get the best results in Smite battles.

Like S Tier Gods, A Tier Gods in Smite are powerful and good with special attributes and abilities. A-tier gods have the best skills and abilities only next to S-tier gods in Smite. With further updates, Chi Tier and Smite will soon enter the S Tier list.

Smite Tier List 2023

Yeetlist Smite Tier List

If you ask if these Smite B characters are as powerful in skills as S-tier or A-tier, the answer is no. But still use the best B-tier gods in Smite PvP battles. Continue to level up these characters in Smite.

C-level positions lack many skills and abilities. Although they have special abilities, they are the most powerful soldiers in Smite. Currently C-level characters can be ignored in Smite, but with the next update, they can be used in battle-op and PvP battles in Smite.

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Smite Tier List 2023

Often referred to as the Valkyrie Queen, Freya is the top character in Smite. He is the fastest soldier and has various special abilities. Freya has high HP and DMG. His Brisingamen blessing voice gives more magical life than steals in every battle. His firepower will increase the attack for a short time. Freya increases the ATK and HP of her troops for 30 seconds. Overall, Freya is a powerful mage ship that can be included in any combo or battle.

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Goddess of the Salt Sea, Tiamat is an explosive DPS mage with max HP with a powerful shield. Tiamat’s special ability, Primordial Onslaught, will deal fire damage and release fire orbs over a long period of time. Tiamat fires projectiles to deal extra damage. It doesn’t have much offensive ability, but the mage character makes up for it with high DMG and HP. Tiamat is another powerful spell character that you can use for some of the tougher challenges in Smite.

Smite Tier List 2023

God’s Fire is better when it comes to fire damage. Agni can deal fire damage with his evil dust which will prevent your opponents from attacking for a while. Agni deals fire damage from the ground and creates a fire with its firepower that creates a ring of fire and kills nearby enemies. Overall, Agni is a powerful mage with high DMG and decent HP. Agni gets better with each character upgrade in Smite.

Raijin is often referred to as the Master of the Throne because of his power based solely on the throne. He is one of the fastest gods in big business. Raijin uses the power of the wave to create a thunderbolt that deals explosive damage to all enemies. Duration skills gradually reduce the cooldown effect from 2 to 5 seconds per skill. With the best weapons, Raijin will be effective in PvP battles and other battles in Smite.

Smite Tier List 2023

Smite Tier List Season 8 In 2022

Master Mage or Master of Arcane Magic has health and speed. The Merlin is a very large ship and can take a lot of damage in transit. Merlin fears fire which deals x2 damage to your opponents. Merlin’s daytime skill, which unleashes a fireball at the opponent’s HP, will stop combat for a short time while the skill is active. Merlin can be used as a god and as a tank that can deal short and long range damage. Overall, Merlin is one of the best tanks and can be your trump card for Smite tournaments and PvP battles.

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This concludes our list of smite and the best Maya gods. Use these magic gods for every battle in Smite. We will have more Smite updates soon. Shane’s gaming career may have started with MOBAs like League of Legends and Smite, but over the past decade he’s branched out into other genres with a desire to experience new stories and gameplay styles. More recently, he’s focused primarily on RPG stories to inspire his own writing, but has abandoned the sweaty lifestyle of multiplayer gaming. After all, daily salt intake is essential for your survival.

Smite Tier List 2023

Having played SMITE for years at both low and high levels, I can safely say that creating a clear god list at all skill levels is a tricky business. Some gods that do well in low games are not able to play well in high games (and it goes the other way too), so that creates a lot of different types, so take a grain of salt, take a list at this level.

Dc Global Updated Tierlist (til Dec. 8, 2022)

That is, regardless of skill level, some gods are still the best and some gods are still the worst (this is still disputed). So, in this ranked list, I’ll be ranking all gods up to and including Lancelot (Season 9), making a total of 121 playable gods at the time of writing.

Smite Tier List 2023

Below is my ranking list for all 121 SMITE gods. Note that the gods in each tier are not ranked in any particular order, meaning that, for example, Achilles is not better than Ganesha (see Tier B+). On the contrary, they are similar.

Before I delve into why I rate gods, I want to explain my ranking system, as there are certain aspects that I keep in mind when ranking each deity. They are shown below.

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Smite Tier List 2023

Tier List Based On Difficulty Learning Gods For New Players

In some cases, one type may be more powerful than the others. For example, if a deity does his work well without traveling around, he is considered superior to a deity who travels a lot and does not do his duty. These rules are not hard and fast rules for my post, but as guidelines, keep it in mind.

Generally, the gods I rank C and below (and even some Bs), while they are good in their abilities, have obvious weaknesses (ie, they are easy to kill or have simple and telegraphic-like abilities). And the other gods can do what they do best, while bringing in more members.

Smite Tier List 2023

And the most important thing: I check the gods that came down too low for me because I really want to run. A few examples of these gods are Awilix, Ullr and Merlin, the main reason I do this is because they are ineffective if they are not played.

Smite Tier List: Best To Worst Gods [feb. 2023]

Of course, there are few gods that are as difficult as the ones I ranked higher, but I did so because they are still effective even if I don’t play them at their best.

Smite Tier List 2023

Movement and CC blocking are important tools for gods, as they often make the difference between getting a kill and letting your target escape, or surviving all and dying. Gods with more mobility and CC blocking will be able to do more (and be more vulnerable) than those without those tools.

Especially when talking about the rearguards (hunters and mages), their movement and CC protection is very useful because it is able to take care of them well and not rely on their skin.

Smite Tier List 2023

The Auto Attack Tier List

There are several elements to this, the most obvious being Zeus. It has no movement or CC resistance, making it an easy target for a water god.

High (to compensate for his weakness, often), and his finish is a good way to create space between him and his attackers, but.

Smite Tier List 2023

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