September 26, 2023

Pse Seniority List 2023

Pse Seniority List 2023 – San Antonio Alamo District Local #195 American Postal Workers Union, AFL-CIO 13102 Lookout Run San Antonio, TX 78233 Office: 210.271.0853 Fax: 210.224.6221 Email: email: [email protected]

The Clerk Division is the largest division of the American Postal Workers Union. We proudly represent nearly 150,000 postal workers at large and small post offices across the country. Clerks describe over 170 different job titles and can be found working in retail storefronts, mail processing, call centers, mass mailing, sales retention, and back office environments.

Pse Seniority List 2023

Pse Seniority List 2023

The Industry Director coordinates all activities and functions of his industry and reports directly to the President. act as the main representative of your trade and perform other functions that may be necessary for the service; are members of the local negotiation team

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(b) The Industry Directors shall nominate all Governors of their respective Industries and submit them to the President for appointment, removal or replacement.

Pse Seniority List 2023

(c) Industry Directors will be remunerated up to eighty (80) hours per year for participating in conferences, seminars and conventions and for time devoted to local public interests, without remuneration from the Post Office. Forty (40) hours per year are compensated by the post office without pay for time dedicated to the interests of local residents by the deputy director’s participation in seminars, conferences. The Secretary-Treasurer shall have authority to pay the Office Director or Deputy Office Directors for that time. The Industrial Director/Deputy Industrial Director must report lost time at the next general membership meeting

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The Deputy Industrial Directors perform the duties assigned by the Industrial Director and perform the functions of the Industrial Director in his absences or impediments. If the position becomes vacant, the position will be replaced by the Industrial Director. Once the affiliation is confirmed, the unpaid leave for the benefit of the Union will be reinstated

Pse Seniority List 2023

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Craft Managers preside over all stewards on their vessels. Commissioners will be primarily responsible for implementing national agreements and local memorandums of understanding. They will file a claim and rectify it. Directors perform their duties in the best interests of the Association.

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