September 26, 2023

Natural Products Expo West 2023 Exhibitor List

Natural Products Expo West 2023 Exhibitor List – 5 minute read The CPG industry’s ‘SuperBowl’ took place this week in California, and the food of the future is gaining ground on the show floor, with a quarter of the booth featuring vegan products and more than 100 alternative protein companies.

Natural Products Expo West, or Expo as it’s affectionately called by experts, Informa Market’s New Hope Network trade show and conference returns this week to the Anaheim Convention Center in California, where tens of thousands of people from the natural and organic food and beverage industry will be present in assistance Come to Los Angeles to launch, test, sell, promote, market, negotiate and more.

Natural Products Expo West 2023 Exhibitor List

Natural Products Expo West 2023 Exhibitor List

While Expo West is always packed with retailers and B2B buyers looking for star products, it’s also popular with industry insiders, investors, trendsetters and journalists, as new brands (many of which debut at the event’s reputation) , food and beverage trends and new product innovations and much more during the five-day event. Companies are introducing additional flavors and formulations.

Custom Food Booth For Justin’s At Expo West

“Every year at Expo West, we foster connections between emerging brands that are impacting the landscape and industry pioneers who have paved the way for decades. This event highlights the importance of community engagement and the role that everyone plays in creating a more sustainable packaged goods,” said Lacey Gautier, vice president of events and former director of group shows at New Hope Network.

Natural Products Expo West 2023 Exhibitor List

For a CPG brand in the natural and plant-based space, it would be hard to find a better show in terms of numbers. After canceling the 2020 and 2021 events due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the event returned last year with 2,700 exhibitors and more than 57,000 registered participants, compared to 3,600 stands and 86,000 visitors in 2019. According to BEVNet social media posts , an estimated 60,000 attendees, most of whom were product buyers, were expected to visit.

Last year, positions typically started around $15,000 (although there are cheaper options for early-stage companies), and when you factor in travel, booth design, samples, and other related costs, the companies can become big. Up to $100,000.

Natural Products Expo West 2023 Exhibitor List

Supplyside West 2022: Exhibitors

Although animal products and not exclusively vegan were included at Expo West, alternative protein and plant-based brands were very visible at the show.

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According to the non-profit The Good Food Institute, a global think tank for the industry working to make alternative proteins affordable and accessible, more than 100 alternative protein companies exhibited at this year’s fair, representing about 3, 2% of the total. In their Special Events Guide, the authors write that the list was created by traversing GFI’s alternative protein company database to filter out companies that make products that are direct substitutes for animal products (meat), combining all labels of exhibitors related to alternative proteins. . , seafood, eggs, dairy products). They also determined that brands and “companies that focus on plant-based foods such as jackfruit and kale” were not included in the list.

Natural Products Expo West 2023 Exhibitor List

More than 100 are companies with products derived from plant-based technologies. We listed 6 companies on the label list in the fermentation category, including The Urgent Company (an animal-free dairy company known as Perfect Day) and Tomorrow Farms, a dairy company that uses fermented milk. perfect day Today whey protein without cow. There won’t be any farm-raised meat startups at Expo West, unless you count Eat Just, which owns the farm-raised chicken producer Good Meat Co. and which will showcase Just Egg plant-based products.

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Plant-Based Foods Association (PBFA), a trade organization based in the United States. It publishes its own list of 76 members (2.5% of exhibit booths) representing more than 350 North American plant-based food companies.

Natural Products Expo West 2023 Exhibitor List

Only in the analysis, 333 exhibitors were described as of plant origin, 10.5% of the total. Note: Not all plant-based food companies are members of the PBFA. While 785 participants identified themselves as vegetarian (25%), only 71 used the term vegetarian (2.2%).

In addition, 29 stalls (less than 1%) said they grew produce using regenerative agriculture, a term that has evolved in recent years, marking 268 organic certificates (8.4%). 237 exhibitors displayed gluten-free products (7%).

Natural Products Expo West 2023 Exhibitor List

Natural Products Expo East Gathers Brands, Retailers And Industry Members To Reconnect And Discover What’s Next In Natural & Organic Products

A number of up-and-coming food brands will be hosting tastings at the event, including plant-based chicken company TiNDLE, whose recently launched retail range and recently acquired plant-based gelato brand Mwah! Nestlé’s Sweet Earth will highlight new recipes; Planet-Based Foods is looking to launch its plant-based taquitos and hemp-based ice cream; Upton’s Naturals will be showcasing their Cetan products; Daiya Foods will introduce its new SKUs of frozen chicken pizza and flatbread; Voyage Foods will replace Nutella with a vegan, cocoa-free and nut-free alternative; And OMNI Foods will introduce new packaging, newly launched Crystal Dumplings and Asian-flavored Bao Buns.

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Outside of the trade shows, Expo West hosts content-packed conference discussions and fireside chats. One of the highlights of this show? Miyoko Shinner, founder and former CEO of Miyoko’s Creamery, who is dealing with the demands of the company she founded, will appear on a panel titled “Navigating Challenges for Women in Leadership Roles in Natural Foods.”

Natural Products Expo West 2023 Exhibitor List

These are challenging months for brands as consumers face rising inflation, higher energy costs, continued supply chain disruptions and reduced venture capital funding. Plant-based companies in the US USA they face a very steep sky. Expo West can be a success or a failure. be one

Expo West 2023

The editors wrote that Expo West could be a make or break: “The overcorrection — for wildly overvalued, wildly high deal multiples and overzealous investors — is here, and the tensions will be on full display next week at the Super Bowl . . . For the industry.” Food, known as #ExpoWest. Within months, the market stopped overvaluing food startups and started demanding more, like strong profitability and metrics. This dynamic complicated the hundreds of brands that ran out of cash. and now they are in the difficult position of demanding more, and trying to make it up to the same investors who are more risk averse. because of bad past negotiations”.

Natural Products Expo West 2023 Exhibitor List

Serial social entrepreneur Sonali Figueras is the founder and editor-in-chief of Green Queen, an award-winning impact media platform promoting social and environmental change in Hong Kong. He is also the founder and CEO of SourceGreenPackaging, com, a global e-commerce wholesale marketplace for sustainable packaging products, and Ekowarehouse, a global certified organic sourcing platform with a mission to make safe, quality, affordable and accessible . With more than a decade of experience in publishing, digital marketing, organic commerce, health and sustainability, he is an international speaker and moderator attentive to market trends and a veteran of the organic health industry, sharing his experience. On stages across Asia, including TEDx and Harvard Business School.

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Climate doomism is a bad narrative: if we want to drive action, we need to lead with hope. The Natural Products Expo 2023 West is an annual event that brings together natural and organic industry leaders and stakeholders from around the world. Taking place March 7-12 in Anaheim, the event is the perfect place to showcase the latest industry trends, innovations and advancements. More than 100,000 exhibitors and 3,500 exhibitors gather to discover new products or showcase their own, network with industry professionals and participate in informative sessions and workshops.

Natural Products Expo West 2023 Exhibitor List

Expo West 2023 Trends

As our team toured the different showrooms, we were delighted to witness many of our suppliers proudly displaying their products. Natural products continue to gain popularity and we have compiled a list of the top trends at the show that are expected to grow even more this year.

This year’s showcase is all about switching things up with global flavors and fun take on classic favorites. Condiments like Japanese Miso BBQ Sauce or Fila Manila® Filipino Banana Dip are delicious, and some brands get creative with their own versions of chili fries and Asian-inspired treats like mochi, dumplings, and ramen. And don’t even get me started on the matcha, ube, bean, and black sesame explosion in everything from oatmeal to ice cream.

Natural Products Expo West 2023 Exhibitor List

There is also a real buzz around Vietnamese coffee. Brands like Little Green Cyclo and Nguyen Coffee Supply feature powder, pour-over, and ready-to-drink versions of this bold and delicious coffee. Native fruits like grapefruit, noni (my personal favorite for obvious reasons) and Southeast Asian lychees make an interesting display in brands like Sanso, an Asian-inspired sparkling water brand.

Natural Products Expo West 2023

The “coconut” of the consumer packaged goods (CPG) industry is definitely coconut products, as it has been trending for years. Coconut has become a popular ingredient in many products, including food, beverages, personal care products, and cleaning products. One of the main reasons for this trend is the health benefits

Natural Products Expo West 2023 Exhibitor List

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