September 26, 2023

Innotrans 2023 Exhibitor List

Innotrans 2023 Exhibitor List – As the track has to be brought to the site before the start of the exhibition from September 16 to 25, 2022, vehicles will not be able to access the area adjacent to the track next to the hall. Your understanding should be large and especially heavy exposition. First sent/collected. / It is very respectable after this time.

Access restrictions for the hall and direct connection to the track (1.2b, 2.2b, 3.2a, 4.2a, hub27/hall 27, outdoor view)

Innotrans 2023 Exhibitor List

Innotrans 2023 Exhibitor List

We ask you to use the first day from Wednesday (September 14) to Saturday (September 17) to the last Sunday (September 18), so that the fair trade program can be carried out smoothly. Help with the unique conditions of heavy goods vehicle driving in Germany on Sunday.

Ausstellerliste List Of Exhibitors

It is important that packages sent by mail or post are labeled as follows. Please provide the name of the on-site contact person to receive the package.

Innotrans 2023 Exhibitor List

As a permanent builder or co-exhibitor, please contact the main exhibitor to request your build and pack pass.

Access to the exhibition hall and outdoor exhibition area from 08.00 – 07.00 is passed to right holders. On September 20 – 23, 2022. We appreciate your exhibitor pass being clearly visible to facilitate entry checks. When entering or exiting the exhibition grounds, our exhibitor passes must be scanned by our staff at the gate.

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Innotrans 2023 Exhibitor List

Cosmetagora 2023 Paris France

You can stamp your name on your badge at the entrance counters, where you can claim free plastic sleeves, clips and lanyards.

Your standard and additional exhibition passes can be ordered through the BECO webshop. Additional passes can be obtained on-site from the Exhibitor Service Center at Grocer Stern.

Innotrans 2023 Exhibitor List

Then from September 20 to 23, 2022, you can enter Berlin’s entire public transport service in the ABC fare zone for a fee.

Liftex Returns For 34th Year

During the construction and demolition days of September 14 to September 19 and September 24 to 25, 2022, there are several places providing catering services on the exhibition grounds.

Innotrans 2023 Exhibitor List

During the construction period (September 14 – 19) and dismantling period (September 23 – 27) HGVs that require access to the site at the Berlin Expo Center City. Loading/unloading items.

There are 24 hours in a day – use it. We allow you to enter the exhibition grounds and open the hall during the afternoon for the construction of your stand.

Innotrans 2023 Exhibitor List

Innotrans Exhibitors Remain Loyal With More Than 90% Of Exhibition Space Now Booked

Drivers have the option of using the free public car park around the exhibition grounds and at Olympiacher Platz, which also offers a free shuttle bus service to the exhibition grounds.

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Please note that parking passes are only valid from 20 – 23 September 2022 and cannot be used during set-up and tear-down.

Innotrans 2023 Exhibitor List

Several special bus routes are available to make getting to and from the fair as easy as possible:

Firstclass Safety & Control And Partner Freightquip Announce 1st Order In New Zealand Ahead Of Innotrans Debut

Exhibitors and/or suppliers and stand builders can order transport services offered by Messe Berlin (such as loading/unloading forklift trucks) via the BECO webshop.

Innotrans 2023 Exhibitor List

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