September 26, 2023

Eagles Setlist 2023 Tour

Eagles Setlist 2023 Tour – Play their entire 84-song discography on stage. But it’s not, so every night there are great songs to cut from the set.

The band recently kicked off the Hotel California tour, which was set to begin in 2020 before curtailing the run due to pandemic restrictions. About half of tonight’s set was the 1976 classic Hotel California in its entirety, and the rest of the night was filled with some of the Eagles’ most popular songs, including “Tequila Sunrise” featuring singer Vince Gill. ”, “Peaceful Easy Feeling” and some Joe Walsh solos like “Life’s Got Better” and “In the City”. Encores offered more fan favorites: Walsh’s “Rocky Mountain Way,” “Desperado,” Don Henley’s “The Boys of Summer.” and loved ones. “Best of My Love”.

Eagles Setlist 2023 Tour

Eagles Setlist 2023 Tour

The inescapable truth of touring is that some songs don’t make the current set list. Based on data from, here are 10 songs The Eagles Haven’t Played, in no particular order.

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. Written by Henley, Walsh, Glenn Frey and frequent collaborator JD Souter, the song is about the Los Angeles Troubadour, where many musicians gathered before growing up. Henley and Frey met in the ground floor club. But the song wouldn’t sound the same without guitarist Don Felder’s flowing solo. He was released in 2001.

Eagles Setlist 2023 Tour

Although “Saturday Night” was released in 1973, when bassist Randy Meisner was only 27 years old, the song is getting old. “When I was young, I was partying and hanging out with girls and having fun,” he told Rolling Stone in 2019. Meissner, who wrote the song with Henley, Frey and Bernie Lydon, replaced Timothy B. Schmitt in 1977. The Eagles have included him on their list of setters at times since the split, but not until now.

“Doolin-Dalton,” one of the first songs Henley and Frey wrote together, depicts the adventures of the Dalton Gang, a group of outlaws who robbed trains and roamed the west in what was then Oklahoma Territory;

Eagles Setlist 2023 Tour

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Well, cities spread across the dusty plains like graveyards full of tombstones waiting to be named.

Henley and Frey share lead vocals on the song, so it makes sense that it hasn’t been performed since 2015, about six months before Frey’s death in January 2016.

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Eagles Setlist 2023 Tour

“Frey sang on this cowboy rocker. Along with James Souther, Jackson Browne is credited with writing the James Dean Band’s most played live song. However, it was not included in the new tour.

Eagles Concert & Tour History (updated For 2023)

Each Eagles concert set has a balance between slower songs and more uptempo numbers. Selected by Henley and Tom Petty and former Heartbreakers drummer Stan Lynch, “Learn to Be Still” was one of four new studio tracks included on the 1994 comeback live album Hell Freeze Over. But right now, there seems to be room for just one heartbreaking collaboration, Henley’s “Boys of Summer,” co-written by guitarist Mike Campbell.

Eagles Setlist 2023 Tour

“After the Thrill is Gone” finds Henley at his most self-absorbed, contemplative love-stale. “

“. The band played it dozens of times, but again, without Felder’s sad guitar solo, it’s easy to guess why the song hasn’t been played since 1980.

Eagles Setlist 2023 Tour

In This Moment

What starts out as a fairly laid-back song flows into something more rhythmic with tight melodies that reflect Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young. Lydon wrote “Bitter Creek” about an outlaw named George “Bitter Creek” Newcomb, whose escape is detailed in the last verse of the song. Lydon left the Eagles in 1975. Since then, “Bitter Creek” has been performed less than 10 times.

Only a few of the latter songs appeared regularly in the Eagles’ set list. J.D. In the case of Souther’s “How Long,” the song dates back to 1971 and was a regular part of Eagles shows in the ’70s. But it wasn’t recorded until 2007, when it appeared on Long Road to Eden. The song earned the group a Grammy for Best Performance by a Duo or Group, their first since 1979, but they missed out.

Eagles Setlist 2023 Tour

– This breezy, Meissner-penned “Beach Boys” song will be a great addition to Eagle’s set list for the night. But if the bass player doesn’t want to make a surprise appearance at an upcoming show, it’s hardly “right”. Soon it will be played live. (Meissner was invited by the band to tour in 2013, but declined due to health issues.)

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Eagles’ ‘hotel California’ Fully Revived At Forum: Concert Review

Since Frey’s death, the late co-founder’s son, Deacon, has taken over some of his father’s responsibilities. But he still hasn’t attempted “No More Cloudy Days,” a Frey song the band hasn’t played live since 2011. The role of the deacon has become an integral part of Eagles concerts. “It’s a lot of fun for me,” he said in 2018. “I’m having the time of my life. I don’t want to remember my father more than playing his music.”

Eagles Setlist 2023 Tour

The Eagles are praised for their ability to combine Glenn Frey’s urban slick R&B with Don Henley’s rockabilly. The Eagles kick off their 2023 Hotel California Tour with a few surprises: reviews, photos and a first look at the set list.

With more than five decades of collective and individual accomplishments between them, the Eagles entered rarefied air. Almost every member of the country rock band founder Don Henley talks to is still alive, in excellent health and looking much younger than their actual age. Their music is still marketed with a cozy video, regular appearances on classic rock radio and “Okay, Boomer” playlists.

Eagles Setlist 2023 Tour

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In 2023, the Eagles are now more of an organization than a group. And like most artists of their time, seeing the band live was a source of excitement and awe. How well or poorly can these men repeat the songs of their youth?

The answer to this question is very good. Sunday night at Portland Oregon’s Moda Center, as the band kicked off their 2023 North American tour ( get tickets here ), they hit nearly every milestone and still managed to throw in a few surprises during their three-hour set.

Eagles Setlist 2023 Tour

First, however, the Eagles had to take care of the business at hand. As the shows are called the 2023 Hotel California Tour, the band will begin playing the 1976 album in its entirety. This includes a small set, a copy of which slowly moves across the stage as coolly as it did on opening night.

Eagles ‘hotel California’ Tour Kicks Off With Lengthy 32 Song Setlist

Placing the LP on the turntable and under the arm before the needle drops. (A blonde in a suggestive black dress later made a side trip.)

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Eagles Setlist 2023 Tour

From there, Eagles – now mainly Henley, bassist Timothy B. Schmidt, guitarist Joe Walsh and Fantasy Camp sweepstakes winner Vince Gill relentlessly blasted every song on the album, every moment recreated with care and precision. . That led to members of the Oregon Symphony and the University of Portland Choir adding to the shining moments of “Bad Time,” “Pretty Maids” and “The Last Resort.” All timers in the album are guaranteed status.

After a short break, the band returned to play, as Henley put it, “everything we know”. Pleasant surprises and mild slips entered the game in the second set. The biggest moment of the night came when Henley introduced guest Deacon Frey to the stage.

Eagles Setlist 2023 Tour

The Eagles Concert Tickets & 2023 Hotel California Tour Dates

The son of late Eagles co-founder Glenn Frey, he was inducted after his father’s death in 2016, but last year, according to a press release, he “announced that he was leaving the band to go his own way.” She returned wearing her youthful glow. He borrowed a couple of songs, “Already Gone” and “Take It Easy,” that his father once sang. He welcomed the already developed arena.

Next up was Joe Walsh. The 75-year-old man’s pact with the devil that helped him survive all kinds of chemical addictions and multiple personal crises seems to be in many places. His mouth was still an amoebic mass, disjointed and detached in response to watery guitar solos and his own voice, but what came out of it was clear and powerful. Walsh grabbed the limelight to an impressive degree, giving it a blast

Eagles Setlist 2023 Tour

Song, “In the City,” and a very happy face with a trio of his life away from the Eagles. At times he seemed to be stepping outside of his roots, singing “Life’s Got Better” and “Rocky Mountain Way,” his performance never wavered.

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Only Schmidt discovered the effects of old age on his voice. His early angelic melodies on “I Can’t Tell You Why” are earthier, but no less enjoyable to listen to. Henley has also lost his kick and it shows

Eagles Setlist 2023 Tour

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