September 26, 2023

Bard Course List Fall 2023

Bard Course List Fall 2023 – This fall, the College is offering a series of joint multidisciplinary courses designed specifically for Lower College students. Cohort building and related liberal arts learning will be an integral part of all Common Course offerings. Priority will be given to second year students to register before their fourth semester Moderator and first year students are invited to register for available places in August.

(1) bring together groups of three or more professors to offer a course that develops a theme/question of contemporary relevance through the study of transformative humanistic texts while using multidisciplinary perspectives and enables students to meet two distribution requirements,

Bard Course List Fall 2023

Bard Course List Fall 2023

Each faculty team designs common course elements and smaller group experiences with equal emphasis given to both delivery areas and different disciplinary approaches. This allows for the development of new curriculum in each course and the continued teaching of all popular course offerings. Common Courses allow first-year students to fulfill two distribution requirements and a four-credit class.

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Disability and Difference is a Common Course that uses a close reading of canonical and contemporary texts; movement exploration; watch movies; guest lectures; critical and creative writing assignments; and community participation to deepen students’ understanding of disability and difference. Students will work with all five professors in a variety of contexts throughout the course, as well as collaborate with their classmates on analytical and artistic projects. Professor Bowen will introduce students to artists with disabilities whose work is central to the concept of accessibility, especially those who work with disability access technologies as artistic media. Students practice the development of their own “poetry of access” in their daily use of technology. Professor Braselmann will help students engage with first-person narratives that describe the lived experience of disability. Students will discover the importance of personal narrative in creating social change and the ability to challenge. Professor Ferver breaks down the idea of ​​”Neutral” through physical practices that focus on the body/mind. Through somatic techniques, students learn to connect with their own body and strengthen their subjective kinetic relationship, leading to the empowerment of the individual through joy and play. Professor Alves offers a series of literary-critical tools to analyze how which texts in which disability. it reflects lived experience. with an incompatible body and/or mind. Students will investigate different literary forms and consider how texts work to construct disability as an identity category. Professor Williams will examine how the intersection of disability experiences and systems of disadvantage and exclusion affect disability identity formation and influence our cultural understanding of disability.

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Bard Course List Fall 2023

Before any historical records, cities emerged. When they did so, they convinced their founders and administrators that the substances could be found, refined and transformed to make tools, buildings, weapons, sacrificial vessels and images for their gods. Metals had a privileged place in the war cultures of the periods named after the leading technologies: the Bronze Age and the Iron Age. Gold has a strong position of high status, functional, harmless, and brilliant. Alchemy today is characterized by the attempt to create gold, but in its long history it refers to a much wider engagement with physical transformation. reality, whether inorganic or organic. The purpose of this interdisciplinary investigation is to explore three ways in which alchemy has continued to influence civilization over time: through imaginative exploration, programmatic experimentation, and philosophical reflection.Daniel Mendelsohn, Charles Ranlett Professor Flint with l ‘Humanity of the Bard. . Knight of the Order of Arts and Letters of the French Minister of Culture Rima Abdul Malak for France. “I am very happy to draw attention to your commitment to the service of culture, which has a special place in the hearts of the French people,” wrote Malak. One of the main distinctions from the four ministerial orders of the French Republic, this award is given to those who stand out for their creativity in the fields of culture, or for their support for the spread of knowledge and works that form wealth. France. cultural heritage.

Daniel Mendelsohn is an international best-selling author, critic, actor and translator. Born in New York in 1960, he received degrees in Classics from the University of Virginia (MA) and Princeton (PhD). Just in case

Bard Course List Fall 2023

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, which won the National Books Critics Circle Award and the National Jews Book Award in the United States and the Prix Médicis in France, Mendelsohn’s books include:

(2002), and a two-volume translation of the poetry of C. P. Cavafy (2009), which includes the first English translation of the poet’s “Infinite Poems.” His last tenth book,

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Bard Course List Fall 2023

The Ordre des Arts et des Lettres (The Order of Arts and Letters) was created by the French Minister of Culture in 1957 to reward people who have achieved fame for their creativity or contribution to the arts through the ‘influence of art. arts and letters in France and throughout the world. It consists of three ranks: Knight (Chevalier), Officiel (Official), and the highest honor, Comandante (Commander).

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Bard College professor Jenny Xie Jerome Hill Artist Fellowship Awarded 2023 Assistant Professor of Written Arts and National Book Award finalist Jenny Xie as Jerome Hill Artist Fellow 2023. Xie received one of 54 fellowships awarded to early artists – career based in Minnesota and New York City. Xie will receive $50,000 over two years ($25,000 annually) in direct support to create new work, advance artistic goals, and/or promote professional development. , about the power and burden that can be pushed through words when they behave differently, against rules and conventions, and against the forces that conspire to make language more utilitarian, more homogeneous, and without nuance and rich complexity,” he wrote.

Bard Course List Fall 2023

Jenny Xie, Assistant Professor of Written Arts and National Book Award winner, has been selected as a 2023 Jerome Hill Artist Fellow. Xie received one of 54 fellowships awarded to early career artists based in Minnesota and New York City. Eight partners were each chosen in the dance area; film, video and digital production; ; music; theatre, performance and spoken word; and visual arts, and through each of the newly added art technology area and the integrated arts area. Xie will receive $50,000 over two years ($25,000 annually) in direct support to create new work, advance artistic goals, and/or promote professional development.

Jenny Xie is a writer and teacher based in New York City. He is the author of two poetry collections,

Bard Course List Fall 2023

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(Northwestern University Press, 2017). His work has been supported by scholarships and grants from Kundiman, the New York Foundation for the Arts, the Civitella Ranieri Foundation and the Vilcek Foundation. He is an assistant professor of literary arts at Bard College.

“I strive to create a work that shows the essential force that language lacks, the power and the charge that can be exerted by words when they behave differently, against rules and conventions, and against the forces to make the language more useful, more homogeneous, and without nuances and complexities,” he wrote.

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Bard Course List Fall 2023

Field-specific panels, consisting of artists, curators, arts directors and arts administrators, reviewed a total of 702 applicants before identifying 129 applicants as finalists for further discussion prior to recommendation . approval In their discussions, the panels consider the applicants’ past works, artistic achievements, the potential impact of a scholarship on their career and the artistic field, and its alignment with Jerome’s values ​​of diversity, innovation and risk, and humility. This year’s cohort demonstrates the Jerome Foundation’s commitment to the diversity and diversity of artists in all fields with 82% of members identifying as Black, Native American, Indigenous, Latino, Asian or Arab or as multiracial or multiethnic.

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Individual coaching and peer-building opportunities are also available to members through the MAP Fund’s Scaffolding for Practicing Artists (SPA) program, designed to help artists individually and collectively find solutions tailored to their specific practice and his aesthetic ambitions to conceive and design. . .

Bard Course List Fall 2023

Bard Associate Professor and Director of the American and Native Studies Program Peter The official interview with the architect and writer Sejou Cooke, who is the curator of Close to the Edge: The Birth of Hip-Hop Architecture, an exhibition on display at the University. Museum of Ireland, Galway. Designed in Atlanta until January 29, 2023.

: “Many have been able to exist simultaneously as successful architects and Black. Few people have been able to express their Blackness through their architecture. Within hip-hop culture lies the blueprint for a truly Black architecture that has the power to and racial structures in the architectural establishment and ignited a new paradigm of creative production. Official references Toni Morrison “the unapologetic use of codes attached to black culture” and “her own struggle for writing that is “undoubtedly black “, asks Cooke “The Is Hip-Hop Architecture also asking for an architecture that is, after Morrison. , ‘indisputably black?'” The Bard College Music Conservatory in Annandale-on-Hudson, NY invites students at his audition on Saturday, November 26 in Budapest, Hungary. Katie Rossiter, at the Toth Aladár Zeneiskola.

Bard Course List Fall 2023

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