September 26, 2023

Banned Books List 2023 Texas

Banned Books List 2023 Texas – Margaret Atwood and her publisher, Random House, are offering a fireproof version of her best book, The Handmaid’s Tale, as a protest against growing book censorship in the United States.

Published in 1985, the dystopian novel depicts an America ruled by religious fanatics, where women have no rights and abortion is punishable by death. In recent years, the book has come under fire as its topics are compared to the legal developments of several states. The Handmaid’s Tale is often ranked as one of the most banned books in the United States.

Banned Books List 2023 Texas

Banned Books List 2023 Texas

As data from PEN America shows, states in the South and Midwest of the country carry out more book censorship, and 713 specific titles are banned in Texas schools and libraries between July 2021 and April 2022. Securities that should be included in this year’s index. . Stories that conveyed a political message, as well as a large number of books containing LGBTQI+ content. The ban on schools and libraries does not mean that literature is not available outside the institutions.

Art Spiegelman Calls ‘maus’ School Ban ‘myopic’ And ‘absurd’

Yes, it allows easy integration of many infographics on other websites. Simply copy the visible HTML code for the relevant statistics to integrate it. Our standard is 660 pixels, but you can customize how the statistics display to fit your site by setting the width and display size. Please note that this code must be embedded in the HTML code (not just the text) for WordPress pages and other CMS sites. Conservative parents in Texas and across the country have held school board meetings in recent months to demand the elimination of library books related to race, racism, sex, gender and sexuality. Some parents have taken it a step further, filling out paperwork to formally challenge the adequacy of library books and asking school administrators to review them.

Banned Books List 2023 Texas

NBC News sent public records requests to nearly 100 school districts in the Houston, Dallas, San Antonio and Austin areas — a small sample of the state’s 1,250 public school systems — and received 86 formal requests to remove books from the library last year. , the big one. Most come in the last four months of the year. Some titles target multiple areas.

From the records, below is a list of 50 books that Texas parents tried to ban in 2021.

Banned Books List 2023 Texas

Advocacy Groups Are Helping Drive A Rise In Book Bans

A parent asked administrators in Houston’s Spring Branch Independent School District to pull the graphic novel, which features gay and bisexual characters, because it could cause young students to “question their sexual orientation when they don’t even understand what it is.” I mean…

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A parent in Prosper, a suburb of Dallas, said the illustrated children’s book, about the racism experienced by Olympian Wilma Rudolph while growing up in Tennessee in the 1940s, should be removed from school libraries because it “thinks about prejudice on race”.

Banned Books List 2023 Texas

The Plano parent said the coming-of-age novel about a Mexican-American character’s journey to understand his own sexuality and ethnic identity should be banned because it contains “profanity, pornography, gambling, homosexuality.” The parent claimed that the book encourages “admiration of people with low morals and values, and hate of other people.”

A Texas School District Is Removing All Challenged Books …including The Bible?

A parent in Leander, an Austin suburb, asked that the book, which has a subplot about a young man who begins to notice his attraction to other boys, be removed because the parent does not believe that “books should discuss sensitive topics / Controversial. . As in gender, sexuality.”

Banned Books List 2023 Texas

Parent Leander recommended that children’s books that mention gender identity or sexuality, including this one, be replaced with “classics,” such as “White Fang,” “The Indian in the Closet,” “The Swiss Family Robinson” and Shakespeare.

The classic novel by Nobel Prize-winning author Toni Morrison should be banned from schools, according to a parent in the Fort Worth suburb of Birdville, because it includes graphic descriptions of rape.

Banned Books List 2023 Texas

Banned Books Everyone Needs To Read In 2022

The novel, about love in East Texas in the 1930s between a Mexican American girl and a black boy, is not suitable for teenagers, a Birdville parent wrote, because it shows “a graphic sexual experience between minors.”

According to a Houston parent, reading the novel about a black boy killed by police could make white children who attend Spring Branch Independent School District “feel pity based on the color of their skin.”

Banned Books List 2023 Texas

According to a parent in the Dallas suburb of McKinney, the novel, told entirely through instant messages between three high school students, has no place in schools because it “describes oral sex with a minor,” among sexual language. another. excerpts.

Texas Leads Us In Books Banned From Schools, Free Speech Group Finds

A parent in the Houston suburb of Katy wrote that the book, which tells the story of the relationship between a young boy and a girl with leukemia, contains “big language” and could lead students to “be oversexualized and realized.” .

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Banned Books List 2023 Texas

A parent at Spring Branch ISD said the graphic novel — about a young Jewish man living in France after the Nazis seized power — should be banned because it is “perverse” and could “disturbing on the mind of the little child”.

A parent in Prosper said the novel, which tells the story of 9/11 and its aftermath from the perspective of a combat between an American boy and an Afghan girl, should be pulled from schools because it “shows American soldiers as young, bad people. and terrorists” and because the author mentions the racial or ethnic identity of each character.

Banned Books List 2023 Texas

How Students Are Fighting Book Bans

This illustrated memo, which tells the story of the author coming of age as a lesbian, is not suitable for schools, according to a Birdville parent, because it includes graphic descriptions of sexual violence.

Cathy’s mother asked administrators to remove the book, about a 17-year-old gay student who has a lot of sex and is not ashamed, after she read explicit passages aloud at a school board meeting: “We can’t help but read This man From this matter – she said – and I want to protect my children’s hearts and minds from it.

Banned Books List 2023 Texas

A San Antonio parent has asked the Northside Independent School District to ban this work of historical fiction, set during the Nazi siege of Leningrad, because it includes “pornographic images” that are “inappropriate for the most part.” From readers, the father wrote. , adding, “…if you’re not into it.”

Texas Students Deserve Books. Politicians Should Not Target Them

The meme portrayed by a non-binary author, which includes sexually explicit cartoon images, has led to attempted bans — and even threats of criminal charges — in several Texas school districts.

Banned Books List 2023 Texas

Birdville’s mother wanted the book, a graphic novel with LGBTQ characters, removed from libraries because, she said, “it has a recurring theme of oral sex.”

This older novel about a gay teenager came under fire in Birdville after a parent complained about explicit descriptions of “masturbation and genitalia”.

Banned Books List 2023 Texas

Book Banning In Texas Schools: Titles Are Pulled Off Library Shelves In Record Numbers

Parents in Keller and Spring Branch complained that the graphic novel, which features a transgender character, should be off limits to young students because it includes images of children kissing in bed.

Katy’s parents’ group has been told to remove a memoir by a black silent author because it describes molestation and sex between men.

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Banned Books List 2023 Texas

A parent in McKinney asked the district to remove the juvenile novel because it contains descriptions of homosexuality, rape and masturbation.

As Calls To Ban Books Intensify, Digital Librarians Offer Perspective

Katy’s parent called for the children’s biography of the former first lady to be banned from all classrooms because, the parent said, it unfairly portrays former President Donald Trump as a bully and because of Obama’s musings on race he gave the impression that “if you hear. white girl, you should be ashamed of yourself.”

Banned Books List 2023 Texas

The young-adult adaptation of “Branded From the Beginning”, the National Book Award-winning historical examination of racism, has been criticized by a parent in Katy who wrote that the children’s book is “full of conjecture and conspiracy absolutely. theories.” a theory of history” that makes it appear as if “all past historical events are the result of racism.”

Cathy’s mother called for the graphic novel about a black seventh grader in a predominantly white school to be banned. She argued that because there were references to microaggressions, the book was “about critical race theory, which is prohibited by Texas law.”

Banned Books List 2023 Texas

Who Is Matt Krause? Lawmaker Spurred Texas Book Banning Movement

Cathy’s mother said this graphic novel, the second in a series, should be removed from schools because it will make white children feel guilty and “make the children believe that one race is better than another. “

When a parent in Katy called for the book to be banned about the plight of a working-class black family preparing for Hurricane Katrina, a parent in Katy wrote, “I objected to the vivid description of the teenage girl. with whom she had sex. boys in their society. group. “

Banned Books List 2023 Texas

A father in Grapevine, a Dallas suburb, asked his son’s school district to ban the book, a collection of poems by women of color on topics related to social justice, activism and desegregation, because, he said, it “advanced terrorism.”.

Some Books Have Been Removed From This Texas School District

A parent has asked the Eanes Independent School District in Austin to remove the picture book about racial justice, arguing that any book promoting the Black Lives Matter movement should be available to children.

Banned Books List 2023 Texas

When he called for the non-fiction book about resistance to racism to be banned, an Eanes parent suggested that copies of the Bible be placed in its place.

Father Eanes asked the administrators to get rid of the novel, about it

Banned Books List 2023 Texas

Banned Books In Texas That Are Must Reads

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