September 26, 2023

2023 New Cpt Code List

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On November 1, 2022, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) issued the Physician Fee Schedule (PFS) final rule for calendar year (CY) 2023. This rule updates the payment rates and complements the policy changes in effect on November 1 January 2023. See Bulletin, Bulletin, Bulletin (MSSP), and Final Rule.

2023 New Cpt Code List

2023 New Cpt Code List

CMS has finalized its plan to add some services to the Medicare telephone list based on version 3 by the end of 2023, some of which were not previously included in the Medicare medical list at the time of PHE, but will be added in the law of the process.

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Additionally, CMS finalized its plan that Medicare telehealth services provided on or before 151 days after the end of PHE, consistent with the 2022 CAA health expansion and reforms, will continue to be processed for payment. according to the Medicare telehealth companion statement. “95” modifier. CMS also finalized its proposal that physicians and practitioners may continue to report reportable site-of-service codes if the service is provided independently within 151 days after the end of the PHE, both completed and interim. at IFC until March 31.

2023 New Cpt Code List

CMS noted that none of the claims received in February. As a reminder, Category 1 services are similar to professional consultations, office visits, and office psychiatric services currently listed as Medicare Telehealth Services, and the criteria for adding services under Category 2 is that there is evidence of hospital benefits if provided . such as telehealth.

CMS has reviewed the merits of adding the proposed services to the list of Medicare telehealth services in version 3. CMS has not proposed changes to the length of service included in part-time services from version 3. Version 3 will remain in effect. inclusive through the end of CY 2023. If public health emergencies (PHEs) persist through CY 2023, CMS may consider revising this rule.

2023 New Cpt Code List

Ama Streamlines Billing Cpt Codes

Following public comment, CMS made the proposed addition of CPT codes 90901, 97150, 97530, 97537, 97542, 97763, and 98960-98962 to the list of Medicare telehealth services based on Form 20 C3Y. believe that their plan, consistent with the 2022 proposed changes to CAA, to extend the period of time that these services will be on Medicare’s temporary Health Services list for PHE to 151 days after the end of PHE, will increase the opportunity to gather information and experience of physicians providing telehealth services during PHE for COVID-19. This will also help CMS determine which services may ultimately qualify for a permanent extension under Type 1 or Type 2. CMS encourages interested parties to use this extended period to collect data. and service delivery, which is more than just a statement of support and more. independent evidence of clinical benefit, to support their possible addition to future policy.

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CMS has not finalized its plan to place E/M telephone services on the Medicare Telehealth Services List after the PHE and the 151-day period after the PHE extension. CMS believes that the rule requires telehealth services to be so similar to in-person care that telehealth services are essentially a substitute for face-to-face care. CMS disagrees that, outside of the PHE setting, telephone E/M services would be equivalent to in-person care; and they will not be representative of face-to-face meetings. While CMS recognizes that audio-only technology may be used to provide mental health services to patients in their homes in some cases after PHE is implemented, two-way audio-video communication technology continues to be the appropriate standard for Medicare. . Telehealth services under PHE and the 151-day grace period. After the expiration of PHE and the 151-day extension period provided by the CAA in 2022, the only telehealth services that Medicare will allow to be provided using only audio technology will be mental health services. When an operator providing such E/M services uses only audio technology, he will be billed for the same services as he would have charged if provided in person. As such, there is no need to add a telephone-only E/M code to the Medicare Telehealth List for this purpose.

2023 New Cpt Code List

CMS has not finalized its plan to add GI tract imaging, CPT code 91110, and continuous glucose monitoring, service code CPT 95251, to the list of Medicare telehealth services in version 3. CMS does not believe that these CPT codes describe the services that are represented. for in-person visits and services that are not face-to-face are not services that can be provided as Medicare telehealth services.

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Uhc Oxford Updated Prior Auth Changes 01/01/2023

CMS has finalized its plan to add CPT codes 95970, 95983, and 95984 to the list of Medicare telehealth services based on version 3. Medicare says data shows these services are provided via telehealth and CMS believes they have some potential clinical value . services when provided via telehealth; However, there is not yet sufficient evidence to consider the role of permanent additions to the Medicare Telehealth List under Tier 1 or Tier 2.

2023 New Cpt Code List

CMS has completed its plan to place emotional/behavioral, mental, or neuropsychological research tests and services on the Medicare Telehealth Services List based on Category 3. CMS believes more time will be needed to develop evidence. which may support the decision to add these services fully to the Medicare Category 1 or Category 2 List of Telehealth Services.

CMS has finalized its plan to add certain services to the Category 3-based list that are currently included in the Medicare Telehealth Services List for the PHE interim period. These services will be included in the Medicare Telehealth Services Index until 2023 to allow us to review data that may support their permanent addition to the list on a Type 1 or Type 2 basis.

2023 New Cpt Code List

Cpt 2022: Care Management & Other Cpt Code Updates

CMS has finalized its plan to add remote audio testing services to the List of Medicare Telehealth Services in Phase 3, which will allow these services to be available via telehealth by the end of CY 2023.

CMS has finalized its plan to create HCPCS codes G0316, G0317, G0318 in the Medicare Telehealth Services Index based on Category 1. These codes will replace existing codes that describe extended services, specifically in hospital extended services, CPT codes 99356 and 99357.

2023 New Cpt Code List

These services are recommended to be removed from the Medicare health services list after 151 days from the end of PHE

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Ama Releases More 2023 Cpt® Errata

As stated in the CY 2022 PFS final rule (86 FR 65054), when PHE for COVID-19 ends, reimbursements related to interim policies will end and payments for Medicare telehealth services will again be limited by department requirements. . 1834(m) of the Act, and CMS will revert to the policies established through the reporting and periodic reporting process used by CMS to establish the Medicare Telehealth List.

2023 New Cpt Code List

CMS has finalized its plan to continue to include on the Telehealth List services that are currently designated to be deleted after the end of PHE (ie, those not currently listed on a Group 1, 2, or 3 basis) for 151 days. more later. completion of PHE.

CMS has finalized plans to implement the provisions of section 1834(m) of the Act (including the CAA, 2021 amendments) and the CAA, 2022 provisions that expand certain telehealth reforms adopted by Medicare during the PHE for 151 days after completion of PHE. , including location, type of physician, mental health care requirements, and other extended church authorities.

2023 New Cpt Code List

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The day after PHE ends, in accordance with the extension of telehealth reform related to CAA 2022, it will continue to be processed for payment on demand for Medicare telehealth after the “95” amendment. Employers will continue to pay with modifier 95 and the POS code that matches the location where the service will be independently performed until the end of the year in which the PHE ends or CY 2023.

CMS has finalized its proposal that, beginning January 1, 2023, a physician or other health care professional eligible for telehealth services provided using telecommunications technology only to include CPT modifier “93” on Medicare telehealth claims (for services authorized to use audio-only technology under § 410.78(a)(3)), to verify that they are equipped with audio-only technology. CMS believes that using modifier “93,” which is a CPT modifier, will simplify billing because non-Medicare uses this modifier.

2023 New Cpt Code List

CMS is also finalizing its plan to require all providers, including RHCs, FQHCs, and OTPs, to use modifier “93” when billing for eligible referrals.

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