September 26, 2023

2023 Korean Drama List Completed

2023 Korean Drama List Completed – Following the global success of such series, Netflix introduced a number of South Korean titles

And Itaewon Class, which is gearing up for the new year with an extensive slate of K-dramas. As 2023 approaches, we’ve compiled a list of TV shows expected to hit the streaming platform, from second seasons of hits to brand new series.

2023 Korean Drama List Completed

2023 Korean Drama List Completed

And we’re all dead, all four of these K-dramas are getting their second and third seasons. at the same time

Best Korean Dramas On Netflix Right Now (december 2022)

The series, which will premiere in early 2023, has already been greenlit for a second season. More titles to look forward to!

2023 Korean Drama List Completed

Which stands for Deserter Pursuit, encompasses military life in South Korea, where service is mandatory for able-bodied men. This crime drama series follows Private Ahn Joon-ho (played by Jung Hye) and Corporal Han Ho-yul (Koo Kyo-hwan), who are tasked with tracking down and capturing army deserters. Overall, the show focuses on issues such as bullying and harassment that often occur in the South Korean military. Sweet Home 2, 3 seasons

The dystopian series set in a world ruled by mysterious beings returns for two more seasons. The series, which premiered in late 2020, is currently gearing up for season 2, with Song Kang playing the role of Cha Hyun Soo. Although it was previously announced that musician Bibi would join the cast, he later withdrew. Season 2 of Hell

2023 Korean Drama List Completed

Most Anticipated Korean Dramas To Watch In 2022

It has been confirmed for a second season in 2021 after a successful run. Written and directed by Yoon Sang-ho, producer name

A dark fantasy series set in a world where mysterious otherworldly monsters randomly appear to bring people to hell. Based on these supernatural phenomena, a religious cult group called New Truth is formed. We’re All Dead Season 2

2023 Korean Drama List Completed

It is set to return for a second installment after its successful launch in early 2022. Series director Lee Jae-Kyu, who said he “deliberately” created the series with a second season in mind, said of the upcoming episode. “Many directions, settings and scenes were deliberately created to expand the story in the next season, including the introduction of new races of zombies. If the first season can be considered a show about human survival, then the next season can be about zombie survival.” While it’s not clear what exactly Season 2 will be about, it can be expected to follow Season 1, where the surviving students navigate a world besieged by zombies. Existing Gyeongseong

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It takes place in 1945 in the city of Gyeongsang, which was the former name of Seoul used during the Japanese colonial period. The series of thrillers is described as follows. follows humans encountering monstrous creatures born of human greed. Even before the first season aired, the show was confirmed for a second season. Donna!

2023 Korean Drama List Completed

Donna! is a K-drama adaptation of the webtoon of the same name directed by Lee Jong Hyo, whose writers include:

. Suzy Bay will play the main character, Lee Donna, who is a former celebrity. According to the Webton synopsis, Joon (Yang Se-jung) moves into a new apartment on her first day of college and discovers that a former star lives just below her. Goodbye Earth

2023 Korean Drama List Completed

Again My Life (2022)

It is a dystopian series based on a novel by Kotaro Isaka. While there isn’t much information yet, it is known that the series has wrapped production and the show will follow a group of characters who learn that an asteroid is headed for Earth. The girl with the mask

Is a K-drama adaptation of the webtoon that aired between 2015 and 2018. Kim Momi (Go Hyun-jung) leads a double life, donning a mask after her 9-to-5 job and broadcasting live as “Mask Girl”. To fulfill your dream of performing on stage. Jo Oh Nam (Ahn Jae-Hong), her colleague at work who is a fan of Mask Girl and later realizes that Mo-Mi is actually her. Parasites: Gray

2023 Korean Drama List Completed

Hitoshi Iwaki is a show about “unknown parasitic life forms that live off their human hosts and seek to expand their power. As Netflix notes, as they begin to tear society apart, a group of people wage war against a growing evil. the glory

Nothing But You (2022)

The series, which will be released in late 2022, is a revenge drama written by Kim Yoon Seok.

2023 Korean Drama List Completed

. Moon Dong-yeon (Sung Hee-kyu) is a teacher who finds out that one of the students in his home is the son of his childhood bully. He begins to take revenge against his former bullies and those around him who have been through everything. The Killing of DIEara

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Lee Tang (Choi Woo Shik) is an ordinary college student who accidentally swings a hammer and kills a customer after an argument with him while working part-time at a convenience store. He later learns that the dead person was actually a serial killer and discovers that he has an uncanny ability to make people feel bad. He then becomes a secret hero, punishing people who committed crimes in the past. Chicken nugget

2023 Korean Drama List Completed

Best K Dramas To Watch In 2023

. Chio Min-ah (Kim Yoo-jung) is mysteriously transformed into fried chicken and enlists the help of her father, Choi Sun-man, and apprentice Goo Bak-jung to return to normal life. queen maker

Hwang Do-hee (Kim Hye-ahe), the general manager of strategic planning for a company called Yoon Sun Group, joins Oh Seong-suk (Moon-suri) in the Seoul mayoral campaign. Seung-seok, a human rights lawyer who works to empower the weak and distorted, teams up with Do-hye to achieve his ultimate goal. famous person

2023 Korean Drama List Completed

Park Gyu Yong plays Seo Ari and Kang Min Hyuk plays Han Joon Kyung. The show takes place in a fictional world where the status and power of a company is determined by the number of followers you have online. Ari enters this world and in an attempt to gain more fans, he gets mixed up with several people. A song about bandits

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It takes place in the 1920s during the Japanese occupation. The action melodrama follows a group of characters who travel to Gundo to unite as Koreans and defend their country. Black Knight

2023 Korean Drama List Completed

This sci-fi drama is set in the dystopian future of 2071, when only 1% of the planet’s population has survived toxic air pollution. The rest of the people on the planet live in a restructured society where there are strict social classes and people have to wear gas masks before going out. A group of expert drivers, the Knights, provide comfort and safety to the citizens of this world by helping them obtain supplies and protecting them from theft. Time has called you

Joon Hee (Jon Yeobi) is grieving and missing her friend Yoon Joon (Ahn Hyo Seop) who died a year ago. He mysteriously returns to 1998 and wakes up in the body of 18-year-old Minjo, and later meets Se Hyun, who looks like his late friend. Netflix has had an exceptional number of k-dramas over the past few years, and 2023 is shaping up to be one of Netflix’s busiest years. From thrillers to comedy to romance and fantasy, there’s something for everyone. Here are the new k-dramas on Netflix in 2023.

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2023 Korean Drama List Completed

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For the rest of 2022 and throughout 2023, we’ll continue to post previews and updates on the newest and most exciting k-drama movies coming to Netflix in 2023.

Han Jun Hee Ko Yeon Jun’s boyfriend died a year ago. She still hasn’t gotten over his death and misses him. One day, he somehow travels back in time to 1998 and finds himself as Kwon Min Joo of high school. There, he meets a high school student named Se Hyun. He is surprised how much Nam Se Hyun looks like his late friend Ko Eun Joon.

2023 Korean Drama List Completed

In 2071, only 1% of the world’s population has survived the toxic air pollution that has ravaged planet Earth. For those who remained, society became a strict social class where people rarely left their homes and had to wear gas masks because of the pollution. Citizens rely on the Knights, a group of specialized delivery drivers, to retrieve their supplies and protect them from thieves.

Top 25 Korean Dramas On Netflix

Celebrities centers around an emerging class called “celebrities” and those who envy them. It represents wild stormy fears and painful and sad desires all over the world.

2023 Korean Drama List Completed

Beautiful Choi Min-ah accidentally turns into fried chicken when she mistakes a machine that helps her relieve her boredom. Her father Choi Sun-man and apprentice Goo Bak-jung work together to transform her, but they also uncover incredibly dark secrets.

A healing drama about many cases that take place in a psychiatric ward. Based on the true experiences of a psychiatric nurse, this drama revolves around the story of nurse Jung Da-yeon.

2023 Korean Drama List Completed

The 13 Best Korean Dramas Of 2020

An exploration of the despair and hope of people who discover that an asteroid is headed for Earth and will mean the end of the world.

This thrilling series follows people who encounter monstrous creatures

2023 Korean Drama List Completed

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