September 26, 2023

2023 Hurricane List

2023 Hurricane List – The hurricane clock from the GOES-East satellite on September 27, 2022 at 4:26. (EDT) at the Gulf of Mexico ()

Video: WP-3D Orion over Miss Piggy before Hurricane Ian intensifies on September 26, 2022. ()

2023 Hurricane List

2023 Hurricane List

Video: Dropsonde launch and flyby of Tropical Storm Ian on WP-3D Orion Miss Piggy on September 25, 2022. ()

Atlantic Hurricane Season

The 2022 Atlantic hurricane season officially ends on November 30, but the effects of Hurricanes Ian, Nicole and Fiona – which caused extensive damage along the coasts of Florida and Puerto Rico respectively – will be felt long after the season ends.

2023 Hurricane List

In all, the storm spawned 14 named storms (winds of 39 mph or greater), an average hurricane season of 14 named storms, seven hurricanes, and three major hurricanes.

List of 14 named storms for the 2022 Atlantic hurricane season The season officially ends on November 30 ()

2023 Hurricane List

Atlantic Hurricane, Tropical Storm Names: History Of This Year’s List

During the 2022 season, three hurricanes made landfall along the U.S. mainland coast. The hurricane first weakened to a Category 4 storm in Cayo Costa, Florida, and again to a Category 1 in Georgetown, South Carolina. As a Category 4 with maximum sustained winds of 150 mm, Hurricane Ian became a Category 1 in northern Hutchinson Island, Florida, with Nicole as the fifth strongest hurricane to make landfall in the United States.

Hurricane Fiona made landfall as a Category 1 off the US mainland near Punta Tocan, Puerto Rico.

2023 Hurricane List

“I appreciate the dedicated scientists, hurricane hunter pilots and forecasters who work so hard to help the American community prepare for hurricanes and climate,” said Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo.

Wmo Hurricane Committee Retires Tropical Cyclone Names And Ends The Use Of Greek Alphabet

This unique season was defined by a hiatus between storms, which scientists believe was largely due to high atmospheric humidity and suppressed wind strength over the Atlantic. After a quiet period in August, activity resumed in September with seven storms including Fiona and Ian, the two major hurricanes seen this season. The season also included a rare monsoon storm, Hurricane Nicole, which made landfall on Florida’s east coast on November 10.

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2023 Hurricane List

“Forecasters at the National Weather Service and its National Hurricane Center have produced forecasts with greater accuracy this season,” Administrator Rick Spinrad said. “Combining these improved predictions with critical data and services will certainly provide better protection for life and property.”

An experimental peak storm surge graphic has aided the National Hurricane Center’s forecasts, allowing forecasters to more accurately predict the likelihood of a storm like Hurricane Ian forming. In addition, the intensity forecast showed Hurricane Ian affecting the Florida coast, making landfall five days after the initial announcement on September 23. This improved turnaround time gave those in danger more time to prepare and respond

2023 Hurricane List

Atlantic Hurricane Season Fast Facts

“Monsoon activity for 2022 is within the range predicted for named storms and hurricanes in our preseason forecasts and updated outlooks,” said Matthew Rosencran, director of hurricane forecasting at the National Weather Service. While the West African monsoon was slightly above normal, the La Niña season remained strong and matched expected conditions for both groups.

This season, it flew 582 mission hours, made 65 passes over the eye of 65 hurricanes and deployed more than 1,700 scientific instruments to collect atmospheric data for hurricane forecasting and research. The Gulfstream IV-SP also flew a reconnaissance mission from Cape Verde, Africa, in August. The historic mission is the farthest eastern Hurricane Hunter aircraft have ever flown to track a developing storm.

2023 Hurricane List

Another highlight was the successful launch of the Altius 600 small unmanned aerial vehicle system by researchers at the Atlantic Oceanographic and Meteorological Lab. Hours before landfall, researchers launched a P-3 Hurricane Hunter into the center of Hurricane Ian and sent back wind data at 216 mph at an altitude of 2,150 feet.

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The National Oceanic Service captured thousands of aerial overflight images of the hurricane’s aftermath. The images helped identify and document more than 6,200 potential pollution hazards and helped the US Coast Guard remove pollution from the environment and facilitate cleanup of marine debris. A King Air and Twin Otter aircraft flew 41 mission hours supporting aerial imagery collection for the emergency response following Hurricanes Ian and Nicole.

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2023 Hurricane List

Forecasters and researchers rely on this invaluable data, along with advanced geostationary and polar-orbiting weather satellites, weather buoys and other sources before and after storms during this devastating hurricane season.

As the 2022 season approaches, now is not the time to let your guard down The 2023 hurricane season officially begins on June 1 Take the time to make sure your family is weather ready for the upcoming season Weather Prediction Center, a division of The National Weather Service will issue its initial 2023 monsoon forecast in May. The “Ida” decision was made at the annual meeting of the World Meteorological Organization’s RA IV Cyclone Committee on Wednesday. Officially retired from the Atlantic Basin Tropical Cyclone Name List

2023 Hurricane List

List Of Maryland Hurricanes (1950–present)

According to the National Hurricane Center, “The six [name] lists … rotate and cycle every six years, meaning the 2021 list will be used again in 2027. If a storm is too deadly or expensive, use its naming another storm in the future is a matter of sensitivity.” “The reasons will be irrelevant.”

Ida was the only storm to withdraw from the active 2021 Atlantic hurricane season. Iman will be replaced in 2027

2023 Hurricane List

On August 26, 2021, Ida formed from a tropical wave in the Caribbean Sea. The next day, it developed into a hurricane off the southwest coast of Cuba Over the warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico, Ida quickly strengthened into a powerful Category 4 hurricane with sustained winds of 150 mph and a central pressure of 929 millibars.

Hurricane Season Exhausts Regular List Of Names

Ida’s storm track stretches from the Caribbean Sea (August 26) to the North Atlantic (September 2). (National Weather Service)

2023 Hurricane List

The fifth strongest US hurricane on record, Hurricane Ida made landfall near Port Fortune, Louisiana. This caused flooding and wind damage along the Gulf Coast. 26 deaths in Louisiana and 2 in Alabama were directly related to the storm.

However, Ida’s story becomes relevant to New Jersey and the northeastern United States as the storm continues its track after making landfall in the Northeast. The storm is becoming “subtropical” or “extratropical” over West Virginia – meaning it is no longer “feeding” on warm ocean water and is beginning to lose its “tropical” structure and characteristics.

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2023 Hurricane List

Hurricane Names For The 2021 Season

Unfortunately, the worst happened when the remnants of Ida tracked directly over New Jersey. Since the evening of September 1, 2021, rain has been falling at an incredible rate – 3 inches per hour at one point. Manville in Somerset County received the most rainfall in the state with 10.06 inches. Most of it fell within 3-4 hours on Wednesday evening

Rainfall totals from the “rest” of Ida Portions of central and northern New Jersey received a season’s worth of rain overnight (ONJSC/Rutgers)

2023 Hurricane List

Rainfall totals from the “rest” of Ida Portions of central and northern New Jersey received a season’s worth of rain overnight (ONJSC/Rutgers)

List Of Wettest Tropical Cyclones By Country

Roads were flooded and rivers overflowed due to flooding. Some of New Jersey’s largest rivers – the Raritan, Passaic and Millstone – have experienced major flooding. Record flood levels were broken by Tropical Storm Irene (2011) and Tropical Storm Floyd (1999).

2023 Hurricane List

A water level gauge on the Raritan River in Manville during morning record flooding on September 2, 2021. (NOAA/NWS/ MARFC)

In addition to heavy rain and flooding, three tornadoes touched down in New Jersey during the storm. The most intense of those — an EF-3 rated twister that wreaked havoc on Molly Hill in Gloucester County — was New Jersey’s strongest tornado since 1990.

2023 Hurricane List

How Hurricanes Get Their Names

Tragically, 30 deaths were recorded directly and indirectly in New Jersey as a result of Ida’s fury. 24 due to freshwater flooding (in car or outdoors), 2 due to freshwater flooding (in house or apartment), 2 due to power outages and 1 medical emergency related to flooding.

Direct Ida deaths from freshwater flooding occurred in and around New Jersey (NOAA/NHC)

2023 Hurricane List

With total damage estimated at more than $75 billion, Ida is the fifth costliest Atlantic hurricane. (Behind Katrina, Harvey, Maria and Irma.)

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Historically, 94 tropical cyclone names have been withdrawn in the Atlantic basin since the nomenclature was standardized.

2023 Hurricane List

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